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 xsplinefun(1)                                                 xsplinefun(1)
                                 2 May 1992

      xsplinefun - display colorful moving splines in the X11 root window

      xsplinefun [-display d] [-forwards|-backwards] [-maxcolors n] [-loops
      n] [-id]

      Xsplinefun displays colorful moving splines in the root window.

      Xsplinefun accepts all the usual X flags and resources, such as -
      display, -sync, and -xrm.

      Xsplinefun also accepts the following flags:

           Rotates the colormap forwards.  X resource: rotation: f.

           Rotates the colormap backwards.  X resource: rotation: b.

           Specifies the maximum number of colormap entries that will be
           used.  If this many are not available, fewer will be used, but if
           more than this many are available they will be left free for
           other applications.  X resource: maxcolors.  Default: 256.

           Specifies the desired number of loops per second.  Xsplinefun
           attempts to maintain this speed by adaptively varying the
           duration and freqency of sleeps.  If your X server is not capable
           of the requested speed, it will do the best it can.  X resource:
           loops.  Default: 50.

      -id  Forks a background process and prints the process-id to stdout.
           Useful if you want to make a menu command to kill xsplinefun.  X
           resource: id.  Default: off.


      Copyright (C) 1992 by Jef Poskanzer

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