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xsecure is a console-locker that, when used with xfishtank,
metamorphosizes the user's screen into a veritable aquarium, in their

It may also be used as a simple locker, all by itself.


xsecure is a X client that has evolved through the mists of time
(dating back to when X10 was leading-edge technology (which, if I
recall correctly, was around the Silurian Period)) as a program
that simply grabs the keyboard and waits for the user to type-in the
password before restoring keyboard control back to normal.

However, if xsecure is given a process-id (like that of xfishtank) on
the command-line, it magically causes the aquarium-window to raise
itself and cover all the other windows, and then lock the keyboard and
mouse. When an acceptable password in entered, the aquarium lowers
itself behind all the other windows and continues to run.

Now, before you use xsecure with xfishtank, you have to make sure
that you are running the correct version of xfishtank.  I couldn't
get xfishtank to toggle mapping with the sigvec() system-call (OK I
admit it, I'm not *that* brilliant) so I used the signal() system-
call instead, (which is (more) portable and therefore correct), and
that certainly worked!

You need version of xfishtank that is patched to use signal(), to be
able to successfully lock your screen; the patch is provided.

Xt, the X Toolkit, is needed to build xsecure. xsecure was developed
under SunOS 4.1.1 running X11R4. It has been tested with X11R6 and
SunOS 4.1.1.

Eric Bina <>, was gracious enough to test xsecure
on Decstations, SGIs, and RS6000s (please thank him).



The distribution contains:  
	Imakefile         Guess 
	Makefile          Guess again
	README            This masterpiece of prose
	xfish-patch       the patch for xfishtank
	xl                Shell script that automates the locking process
		              (understand what it does before using it!)
	xsecure.c         The source of all that is good       The man-page, obviously

After unpacking the distribution, type...

    xmkmf             to generate a Makefile (if you have imake installed), 
                      otherwise edit the supplied Makefile.

    make              builds the executable: xsecure.



cd to the directory containing xfishtank source-code, then type:

	patch <xfish-patch

then type:


Install the new version of xfishtank:

	make install


xsecure Release 2.1 Copyright 1994, Luis Fernandes <>

Permission to enjoy, copy, hack, and distribute this software and its
documentation for any purpose, except for sale, and without fee is
hereby granted, provided that the above copyright notice appear in all
copies and that both that copyright notice and this permission notice
appear in supporting documentation.

This application is presented as is without any implied or written