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 XSECURE(l)                X Version 11 Release 6                 XSECURE(l)
                                 15 Oct 1994

      xsecure - X console locker (may be used with xfishtank)

      xsecure [ pid ]

      When executed with a process-id, xsecure sends a SIGUSR1 signal to the
      process and waits for the user's password to be input. If the process
      is xfishtank, the aquarium-window will change its stacking order,
      raising itself to the front of all the other windows.  xsecure will
      then grab the keyboard and mouse and wait for keyboard input.

      If the keyboard-input matches the user's password (evaluated after a
      newline is entered), xfishtank will revert to its normal behaviour
      (running, behind all the other windows) and keyboard & mouse control
      will resume.


      pid     pid is a process-id, see ps(1).

      If a process is not specified, then xsecure will still lock the
      keyboard, but leave the screen visible to all and sundry that like to

      A wrapper may be scripted (possibly called xfishlock) around xsecure
      that magically obtains the xfishtank process-id.  Something similar to
      (under SunOS):

           xsecure `ps -agx|grep xfishtank|grep -v grep|grep -v $0|cut -c-5` $*&

      or for hpux:

           xsecure `ps -agx|grep xfishtank|grep -v grep|grep -v $0|cut -c-6` $*&

      X(1), xfishtank(l), xscreensaver(l), xlock(l), ps(1), grep(1), cut(1)

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 XSECURE(l)                X Version 11 Release 6                 XSECURE(l)
                                 15 Oct 1994

      Walter Milliken, original code for X10

      Christopher Lott, enhancements (-r, -c options)

      Luis Fernandes, X11 port and xfishtank adaptation.

      Eric Bina, testing xsecure on additional platforms.

      Should give some indication that it received the password after
      receiving the Return key.

      Hitting Return before entering the password is usually a good idea.

      If caps lock is hit by mistake you wont get in till you take if off...
      then just type in a couple of Carriage Returns.

      The screen-blanker doesn't seem to restore itself sometimes (when used
      with xfishtank.

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      Copyright 1994, Luis Fernandes.

      Permission to use, copy, hack, and distribute this software and its
      documentation for any purpose and without fee is hereby granted,
      provided that the above copyright notice appear in all copies and that
      both that copyright notice and this permission notice appear in
      supporting documentation.

      This application is presented as is without any implied or written

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