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 XSCDEMO(1)                     X Version 2.2                     XSCDEMO(1)

      xscdemo - animate a cube

      xscdemo [-d demo] [-g geometry] [-s cubesize] [-H host:screen] [-t
      delay] [-R] [-r]

      xscdemo A 3-D spinning cube demonstation program for X Windows. Has 6
      built-in demos and can move the cube either in its window or on the
      root window. Allows the size of the cube and the window to be
      specified, as well as the speed. A fast machine is recommended for
      this demo.

      -d   demo type 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 <2>

      -g    size of the window           <400x300>

      -s    size of the spinning cube    <75>

      -H   display on different terminal

      -t   time delay between movements <1000 usec>

      -R   display on root window

      -r   display in reverse video (black background)

      Try various combinations of cube sizes, window sizes and time delays.
      Watch the 20 size cube shooting in a 600x800 window with a time delay
      of 0 and enjoy.

      Eg : xscdemo -d 1 -g 300x220 -s 50-H ho03:hft/0 -t 10000 -R -r

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