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                     Distribution of 18sep91
                Previous distribution of 26aug88

Xphoon sets X the root window to a picture of the moon in its current phase.

Files in this distribution:

    README		this
    Imakefile		guess
    xphoon.c		main routine
    moon.c		wrapper for moon bitmap
    phase.c		phase of moon calculations, from phoon and moontool
    dtime.c		extracted from the libtws date/time library
    tws.h		include file from libtws
    vroot.h		include file for virtual root wondow support		manual entry
    moon.xbm		moon bitmap

To compile: unpack the shar files, do an xmkmf, 'make unshar' to get
moon.xbm, make depend, make.  Or if you didn't get shar files, just
xmkmf, make depend, make.

Suggestion for those in the southern hemisphere:
    xbmtopbm moon.xbm | pnmflip -r180 > moon ; pbmtoxbm moon > moon.xbm

Feedback is welcome - send bug reports, enhancements, checks, money orders,
gold bullion, drugs, etc. to the addresses below.

    Jef Poskanzer
    {ucbvax, apple}!well!jef

    Craig Leres