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		XMANDEL          May, 1992

This is a modified version of XMANDEL written originally by John L
Freedman ( It has been suitably hacked and added to make it
run on Interactive Unix X11R4 as well as SunOS.

The following enhacements to the original code have been made:

	1. Athena or Motif GUI
	2. zooming on both the Mandelbrot or Julia sets
	3. support for 1,2,4 or 8 bit display systems
	4. GIF file output of images.
	5. exposure events are honoured
	6. the images may be rotated through the default colour map

GIF code was borrowed from the John Bradley's (
XV.2.11 sources.

The "quality" of the images is almost completely dependent upon the
choice of the colour map! (It is unfortunate that this edition of xmandel
cannot alter the colour map).  Usually, a decent default colour map
may be installed with "xcolors".  Detailed editing of the color may
may be done with xcoloredit, cpicker/pixedit or other color editors.

Still missing from this version:
	1. a GOOD method to colour the mandelbrot/julia images
	2. a history file of "pretty image" coordinates with
	   the associated colour map.
	3. an XView3 implementation of the GUI.

TIMINGS: (full, unzoomed Mandelbrot set generation)
On a 33mHz 386 with a 1024x768 image, display time = 13min 28 seconds
On an HP9000s720 with 1024x768 image, display time = 24 seconds.

An Imakefile is provided for use with imake/xmkmf.
A Makefile.unix is useful if imake/xmkmf is not available.

Mofify the Imakefile or Makefile.unix to select the Athena or the Motif
widget set. You may also need to specify the use of bcopy().

Follow normal make proceedures with "make", imake" or "xmkmf".

If the MOTIF version of xmandel is created the "" file
should be used to set reasonable mouse actions for the buttons. I
attempted to hard code these translations into my Interactive Unix X11R4
version of Motif, however it failed miserably. Thus, the application
resource file should be created in the appropriate directory, eg:

	cp /usr/lib/X11/app-defaults/XMandel

This file is NOT needed for the Athena widget version of xmandel.

Some event processing might not be done in the proper way in
mandel.c and julia.c.

Xmandel does NOT run on an Apollo!  It fails on a call to XtDisplay:

	display = XtDisplay(toplevel);

for "no reason".

Tony Field             May, 1992