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			xhangglider	Version 0.9x


* Introduction

	xhangglider is a demo program which runs on the X Window System.
	One or more colorful hanggliders composed of polygons fly around
	in the root window. It is similar to xfishtank.

* What is necessary

	xhangglider requires

		1) an OS like Unix, *BSD, or Linux
		2) X Window System *1 *2
		3) C compiler

		*1 suggest 8 bpp or more.
		*2 Probably X11R5 or newer (perhaps)

	and tested on

		* Linux 2.0.36 X11R6.3
		* Solaris 2.5.1 (X11R5, X11R6.4)

* Install

	See the file INSTALL.

* Options

	xhangglider has the following command line options.

	-x, -y int	Origin coordinate of the drawing area.
			Invalid without '-noflicker' option.

	-width int	Width of the drawing area.
			Invalid without '-noflicker' option.

	-height int	Height of the drawing area.
			Invalid without '-noflicker' option.

	-pilot num	Number of the gliders. Valid range is from 1 to 8.
			Default is 1.

	-frequency sec	Frequency of redrawing gliders. The unit is the second.
			Default is 0.1 sec.

	-noflicker 	Gliders never flicker. You can draw gliders in the
			limited area of the screen with -x,-y,-width,& -height.
			This option may slow down your machine.

	-useclip 	Use clipmask when drawing. Conflicts with '-noflicker',
			so use one of these if you want.
			This option may slow down your machine.

	-trans		transient. Gliders fly on root window as it was.

	-vario		Show variometer.

	-deffile file	Specify the definition file. By default, The program
			first looks for ~/.xhangglider, then goes into
			/usr/local/share/xhangglider and looks for glider.def.
			If it can't find the definition file, it aborts.

	-color name	The name of the color you want to paint on root window.
			Invalid with -trans. Default is DeepSkyBlue.

	-pylonrace	Do pylonrace.

	-help		Show usage.

* What's the definition file ?

	At the version 0.92a, The color of each component of each glider
	can be changed.	There must be 'glider.def' in
	/usr/local/share/xhangglider if	'make install.dat' exited normally.
	The file is refered to by all users, so it is better you do not
	modify it. Type 

	% cp /usr/local/share/xhangglider/glider.def ~/.xhangglider

	to create your own definition file in your home directory, and
	modify yours to change colors.
	By the way, you can specify various options in the definition
	file. See glider.def for more detail.

* Enjoy

	Let's run xhangglider. Just type

	% /usr/local/bin/xhangglider -vario

	in something like xterm. You will see a hangglider flying in
	the blue sky. If you want to stop, type Ctrl-C.

* Copyright

	Copyright (C) 1999 Yasuhiro Take
	Freely redestributable under the term of the GNU General Public License
	Notice that this program is presented without any warranty.
	See the file COPYING.

* Explanation of the vario window.


* Talk to myself.

	Oh, it's too heavy. It slows down my machine, as well as
	my work.

	The Algorithm of centering is halfway.

	Gliders are all double surface.

	I hope to fly gliders like XC or Laminar.

	It seems collisions between gliders often happen.

	Paragliders can be flown, too.

	You shouldn't run xhangglider with application like Mozilla
	for your health.

* Finally

	Bug reports, how you feel, blames(?), advice, wishes, fan letters,
	especially English mistakes, anything welcome. Please e-mail me.

Wed, May 5 1999
Yasuriro Take