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XGLOBE is a simple Motif program that displays a "rotating" globe.
It has been tested on a DECstation running Ultrix 4.0 and Motif 1.1
and a VAX running Ultrix 3.1 and Motif 1.0.

This directory includes an Imakefile to simplify the build process.
Edit it to make sure the Motif pointers are correct for your machine,
then run imake and make.  If you don't have imake, a Makefile is also
provided.  Again, make sure the Motif pointers are correct.

After building the binaries, you should install the app-default file,
help files, data files in the appropriate places for your machine.
The app-defaults file, is normally places in
/usr/lib/X11/app-defaults/XGlobe.  This XGlobe contains pointers to a
directory containing the help files:

! Motif 1.1:
*help*DXmlibrarySpec:   /usr/lib/X11/help/xglobe/
! Motif 1.0
*help*librarySpec:   /usr/lib/X11/help/xglobe/

It also contains file specifications for the data files, for example:

*globe*filePrefix: /udir/klee/motif/xglobe/src/bits320/bit
*globe*clipmask: /udir/klee/motif/xglobe/src/bits320/clipmask

This means that the data files are in directory
/udir/klee/motif/xglobe/src/bits320 and have names beginning with the
string "bit".