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xfroot - set fractal root window (monochrome)
23 September 1989

The only tailoring needed is the definition of "HZ" in xfroot.c, and that 
only if your client uses other than 60 HZ ticks in values returned by 
times(3c). Clients found to have 60 HZ ticks include:

	     Convex C200
	     Sequent Symmetry
	     Vaxstation 2000
	     Vaxserver 3500
	     Sun 3/50 & 3/60

Clients found to have other than 60 HZ ticks:

	     Cray 2  (replace "#define HZ 60" with "#include <sys/param.h>"
	     Cray X  (replace "#define HZ 60" with "#include <sys/machd.h>"

For other clients, checks the times(3c) man page.

The man page lists fractal points/cp_second measured by xfroot on the
clients listed above. I would appreciate hearing about values measured on
other platforms. 

The Makefile was generated by imake on a Sequent Symmetry, but the "P = &"
(parallel make) platform-specific parameter was commented out.

Portions of xfroot.c are copyrighted by Jef Poskanzer & Craig Leres. See
their copyright and permission notice therein.  For other acknowledgements, 
see the comments at the beginning of xfroot.c.

Ed Kubaitis (
Computing Services Office
University of Illinois, Urbana