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	This program is provided without any guarantee of any kind.
It can be copied and distributed freely as long as it is not used in
any commercial program. Please contact me if you want to modify it.


	XFractal_explorer is, as you may have already understood, a program
which allows you to compute and explore fractals. The types of fractals 
available are:
- Mandelbrot
- Julia
- Newton
- Lambda & MandelLambda
- Noel 1 & 2
- Phoenix
- Spider
	XFractal_Explorer can speak English as well as French.

	The program runs under X Window and uses Motif. Furthermore, it needs
a 8 plane display (256 colors).
	You will find more information in the xfe.doc files. xfe.doc.eng is 
English whereas xfe.doc.fra is in French.


You will have to use the Makefile: type 'make' and wait.
The program has been tested on hpux systems (hp 9000) and
You will probably have to modify the Makefile (change the
X11 and Motif paths for example).
If you're platform doesn't recognize the 'long double'
format, then you will have to add the -D_NO_LONG_DOUBLE flag.
You may also want to modify some constants (image size...) in the
fractal_type.h file.

Enjoy it !!!

For any comment, suggestion, bug, advice or whatever, please contact me:

Nicolas GUERIN
168 Avenue Parmentier
75010 PARIS