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 xbouncebits(1)                                               xbouncebits(1)
                                11 March 1992

      xbouncebits - display moving bouncing bitmaps in the X11 root window

      xbouncebits [-display d] [-rtol] [-cycles n] [-id] [-jump|-glide|-
      gravity|-copies n] bitmap ...

      Xbouncebits displays moving bouncing bitmaps in the root window.

      Xbouncebits accepts all the usual X flags and resources, such as -
      display, -fg, -bg, -rv, -sync, and -xrm.  One unusual feature is that
      xbouncebits will accept more than one -display flag; the multiple
      displays are treated as one large virtual display, all lined up next
      to each other from left to right.  Also, for any display
      specifications without an explicit screen number, all screens will be
      used.  In particular, if you let the display default then xbouncebits
      will run on all screens of the default display.

      Xbouncebits also accepts the following flags:

           Treats multiple displays as if they are lined up right-to-left
           instead of left-to-right.  X resource: rtol.  Default: off.

           Specifies how often the simulation runs, in cycles per second.
           If you specify 0, it runs continuously (and you should probably
           nice the xbouncebits process, or your interactive response will
           suffer).  X resource: cycles.  Default: 10.

      -id  Forks a background process and prints the process-id to stdout.
           Useful if you want to make a menu command to kill xbouncebits.  X
           resource: id.  Default: off.

      The rest of the arguments are a list of bitmap files with interspersed
      mode flags.  The mode flags apply to all bitmaps that follow them.

           Bitmaps jump around the screen every few seconds.  This is the
           default mode.

           Bitmaps glide slowly around the screen and bounce off each other.

           Like -glide, but the bitmaps are slowly attracted to the bottom
           of the screen.

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 xbouncebits(1)                                               xbouncebits(1)
                                11 March 1992

           Puts up n copies of the subsequent bitmaps.

      You can mix modes freely; for example:
          xbouncebits cow.x cow.x cow.x cow.x cow.x -glide triangle.x
      puts up three cows in jump mode and a triangle in glide mode.  The
      same setup using the -copies flag:
          xbouncebits -copies 5 cow.x -copies 1 -glide triangle.x

      Note that while jump mode uses very little CPU time, glide and gravity
      modes can use a substantial amount.

      can't place bitmaps
           This means that there wasn't enough room on the screen to fit all
           the bitmaps you specified.  Try fewer or smaller bitmaps.

      Doesn't handle masked images.  Not too hard to add, just an argument
      parsing question.

      Doesn't handle color images.  This could be added trivially if there
      was a standard X way (i.e. XPM) to read them in.


      Copyright (C) 1992 by Jef Poskanzer <>.  All rights

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