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Bouncing balls for an X windows background.

Known not work to with tvtwm, may not work with other virtual desktop
systems.  Works with twm and olwm. 

Can take a lot of cpu and X bandwidth.

Alter the Makefile as appropriate and type:

To run type:
Options are:
	-d hostname	display on hostname
	-n number	number of balls (6 by default)
	-r radius	radius of balls
	-c coeff	coefficient of restitution (sp?)
	-t percent	percentage of balls generated at the to of the screen

The program is a bit 'rough round the edges'

The balls interact with the mouse pointer, but not with each other (I'm
sure there is a simple method for this using matrices but I havn't been
able to find it)

The more balls you have, the more cpu power used.  (I would suggest a
maximum of about 6 for a Sun 3 and 12 for a Sun 4)

Bernard Hatt