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XBall Version 3.0 - 5/93

  This program simulates bouncing balls in a window.  You create the
balls in a variety of ways, and can set the gravity, elasticity,
whether balls collide or not, etc.

  Since the last version, I have added Motif support, 3-d shaded
balls, and a demo running facility.

  Software features user-configurable menus, and a DrawingArea widget
for use with other Athena widgets.

  XBall compiles using either Motif or Athena Widgets (See the
Imakefile to select the one you want).  It been compiled and run on a
Sun Sparc, IBM RS6000, SGI Iris and DecStation 5000, using their
standard C compiler.  The Athena version works using X11R4 or X11R5.

  To compile, run xmkmf (and Make Makefiles if Athena widgets used).
Then make.  A standard Make.motif and Make.athena have been provided
if you do not have xmkmf.  If you have undefined symbols, such as
usleep or regex, see the Imakefile for symbols to define, xmkmf,
remove the *.o files, and recompile.

  All resources are contained within the program as fallback
resources, so, it is not strictly neccessary to install the
app-defaults file, except that when using Athena widgets, since the
keyboard accelertors will not work if the app-defauls file is not

  To run the included demos, type 'run_demos'.

  Here are the recommended values for the delay to slow down balls.
This delay can be set in the Imakefile, or when run as xball -delay 1000.
  Sun Sparc         100
  IBM RS6000      10000
  SGI Iris          100  (Uncomment MYLDLIBS in Imakefile if using Motif)
  DecStation 5000   180  (Comment out HAVE_USLEEP in Imakefile)

  Please send bugs, comments, suggestions, and interesting demos to:

Copying Policy:
   Copyright 1993 David Nedde
   Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this software
   and its documentation for any purpose and without fee is granted
   provided that the above copyright notice appears in all copies.
   It is provided "as is" without express or implied warranty.

Two files have additional copying policies:
    Written by Dan Heller.  Copyright 1991, O'Reilly && Associates.
    This program is freely distributable without licensing fees and
    is provided without guarantee or warrantee expressed or implied.
    This program is -not- in the public domain.
    Copyright 1989 The University of Texas at Austin
    Copyright 1990 Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation
    Author:  	Po Cheung