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 xantfarm(1)                                                     xantfarm(1)
                               16 October 1991

      xantfarm - displays a simulated ant hill in the root window

      xantfarm [-num num] [-c cycles] [-id] [checkpointfile]

      Xantfarm simulates an ant hill and displays it in the root window.

      There are three Elements in the ant world: Air, Dirt, and Sand.  Ants
      move through Air, dig up Dirt, and drop it as Sand.  Ants have three
      Behaviors: Wandering, Carrying, and Panic.  There are a few simple
      probabilities built in to the program that control the transitions
      between Wandering and Carrying.  To see them Panic, try poking the
      ants with the cursor.

      -num Specifies how many ants to simulate.  The default is 10.

      -c   Specifies how often the simulation runs, in cycles per second.
           The default is 15.  If you specify 0, it runs continuously (and
           you should probably nice the xantfarm process, or your
           interactive response will suffer).

      -id  Forks a background process and prints the process-id to stdout.
           Useful if you want to make a menu command to kill xantfarm.

      You can also specify a checkpointfile, to restore an antfarm from
      and/or periodically save the antfarm to.  The format of the file is
      very simple, and antfarms can easily be modified using your favorite
      text editor.

      Xantfarm accepts all the usual X flags and resources, plus:

      -air / airColor: The color of Air.

      -sand / sandColor: The color of Sand.

      -ant / antColor: The color of the ants.

      There's no flag for controlling the color of Dirt because Dirt shows
      as the default background pixmap.

      It might be nice to be able to adjust the probabilities and stuff with

      The checkpointing code could be more robust.


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 xantfarm(1)                                                     xantfarm(1)
                               16 October 1991

      Copyright (C) 1991 by Jef Poskanzer

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