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XAniRoC for X11 - V1.02
developed 1993 by Christian Zaenker (

- xaniroc will change the root window cursor of an X11 screen into a rotating X

- to use xaniroc your system should be able to create cursors with a size of at
  least 16x16

- how to create:
                > change the Imakefile so that CC is defined as an
                  ANSI C compiler (for example 'cc -Aa' or 'gcc')
                > type 'xmkmf' to create a makefile
                > type 'make' to create xaniroc

- for options type 'xaniroc -h'

- for further details read the manpage (if you have not installed the manpage
  to your system use 'nroff -man manpage.1 | more' to read the manpage)