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	Hi, thanks for using "xacursor".  It is, as its name implies, a 
program that animates the cursors in an X-terminal.  The program has 
3 modes, it can:
	1. change the cursor to the one specified using the "-cursor" option
	2. show the standard demonstration by the option "-demo"
	3. Most importantly, it changes the cursor in the sequence provided by 
       a configuration file, so an animated effect is achieved.

	What is needed for this animation is a set of bitmaps, a configuration 
	file is also required, every entry of which is of this form:
		[cursor]  [mask]  [fg]  [bg]
	where [mask], [fg] and [bg] can be omitted; "NA" is used as place holder.

	e.g. icon/cat1.xbm  icon/cat_m.xbm  red
		 (cursor= icon/cat1.xbm,  mask= icon/cat_m.xbm,  fg= red) 

		 cat1.xbm  NA  red 
		 (cursor= cat1.xbm,  fg= red;  since NA is just a place holder) 

	Once the file (contain only a few lines) is finished, you can run the
	program by "xacursor [the_above_file]"; some sample bitmaps are in the
	directory "icon".

	You may use "xmkmf" to generate a "Makefile" to compile the program;
or you can use the standard one "Makefile.std".  The MAN-page is called
"", the demonstration bitmaps are under the sub-directory "aicon",
their config. files are "earth", "egypt", "demo", "dan", "neon3", "sheep", etc.

	In addition, the animated cursor can have changing colors, it can be
animated in different ways, among other options.  The program has been
compiled in systems running SunOS, Ultrix, Solaris, Linux using both "cc" and

	If you want to enjoy "xacursor" immediately, do:
		xacursor -bg gold1 -fg firebrick -r -demo
    then go to the root window...

	you can also try:
	xacursor -path aicon -mask earth_m.xbm -fg wheat -bg cadetblue earth
	xacursor -fg firebrick -bg goldenrod1 demo
	xacursor -path aicon dan
	xacursor -path aicon -bg lightyellow sheep
	xacursor -path aicon -mask neon3_m.xbm -r neon3
	xacursor -path aicon -bg tan -r egypt

	Please don't be hesitated to give me some suggestion and comment, and
maybe some suggestion, for any student needs encouragement, right? 
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