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This is a simple program that I wrote after I saw a MAC screen saver
doing the same thing.  I couldn't figure out how to make it a screen
saver, but it is amusing none the less.

This program shuffles a display like those old 16 square plastic
puzzles that I played with as a kid.  It will do this to your screen
forever, until you hit ^C, or you hit any key on the root menu.  It
will optionally solve the puzzle when it either exhausts its move buffer
(after about 65356 moves), you hit a key in the root window, or hit ^C
in the window that it started in.  Please see the manual for details.

To make the program, just use xmkmf, then type make.  Or, if you don't
have imake installed, you can compile it:
	cc -O -o vpuzzle vpuzzle.c -lX11

This program is know to work against the following servers:

	MIT Sun 3
	MIT Sun 4

It has been tested and compiled on OS/MP 4.0C and OS/SMP 4.0D from
Solbourne with X release tape 1.1.  These are both based on SunOS
4.0.3.  X 1.1 is basically X11 R4.  It has been compiled only on
X11R4, so some changes may be needed to compile on R3.  It uses
straight Xlib calls, no extended calls, and no toolkit calls.  It
should work in any environment where signals exist.  Please let the
author know the platforms that you are able to get it to run on.  I'm
curious.  My email address is below.

Warner Losh		imp@Solbourne.COM