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 VINE(6)                                                             VINE(6)

      vine - draws vines all over the computer screen

      vine [ -e ] [ -c ] [ -C ] [ -v N ] [ -h ] [ -r ] [ -f ] [ -D ] [ -i N ]
      [ -s N ] [ -d device ] [ -b N ] [ -l N ] [ -R N ] [ -F ] [ -w ]

      Vine draws vines all over the computer.  If the system is running X,
      vine writes to the root window.  If the system is a Sun workstation
      and not using X it writes directly to the frame buffer.

      Vines are grown in monochrome, shades of green or shades of brown
      depending on the options used.

      -e   vines grow along the edges of the screen (this is the default

      -c   vines grow from the centre of the screen and spread *quickly*.

      -C   draws leaves in shades of green (default is monochrome).


      -h   program waits for <CR> when all vines halt.

      -r   reverse video; black/white is inverted (no color, may be

      -f   fall mode.  Used with -C gives shades of brown instead of green.

      -D   Degrade.  leaf colors fade from light to dark shades (use with

      -i   Interleaf black/white leaves - 1 for each N

      -s   N is maximum size of leaves (default is 2).

      -d   device specifies alternate display (X) or frame buffer (Sun).

      -b   N is the probability of branching (max 40).

      -l   as N increases more leaves grow from each stem (max 35).

      -R   360/N different leaf rotations (default 45 degrees).

      -F   (for X only)allow forking; off by default because X server gets

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 VINE(6)                                                             VINE(6)

      -w   (for Suns only) vines grow round each window on the screen (not
           icons, no color).

      Color vines are drawn in shades of green (-C option) or shades of
      brown (-f option).  Shades of the requested color are got from trying
      to allocate colors in the colormap of the root window.  The fewer
      colors available, the fewer shades that will appear on the screen.

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