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README: Swisswatch				 	-*- mode: text -*-

Swisswatch is a reimplementation of der Mouse's mclock program using
lightweight X Toolkit objects ("gadgets").  It relies heavily on
resources for configuration, and can assume a wide range of looks.

The application defaults files distributed with swisswatch currently
support an oclock emulation, a Swiss railway clock emulation, and a
fancy default appearance.  You are encouraged to play with the
resources and create your personalized version... and send the results
back to me so that I can integrate them into the distribution.

Under X11R5, you can use the resource editor to interactively change
colors and shapes of the graphical elements of the clock.


If you are running X11R5 with a properly configured imake, this should

	% xmkmf -a
	% make install

Under X11R4 with imake, use:

	% xmkmf
	% make depend
	% make install

If you don't have imake (shame on you), edit `Makefile.simple'
according to the comments in that file, and issue

	% make -f Makefile.simple install

If you want to test swisswatch before installing, you have to set the
environment variable XENVIRONMENT so that the program find the
uninstalled resources:

	% env ./swisswatch

Have fun,
Simon Leinen.		<>
Laboratoire d'Intelligence Artificielle
Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne
CH-1015 Lausanne
Tel.: +41-21-693-5277