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This is plasma.  It implements "plasma clouds" with X11.  It's not very
sophisticated ... I just saw (John Jensen)'s
post in alt.fractals and coded up his ideas (and used some of his code) with
my Xlib skeleton which I use for prototyping graphics ideas.  It does
colormap cycling, and it lets you mess with a few of the parameters.

It definitely works with sparcs under SunOS 4.1.x and 8 bit displays.  My
skeleton runs on HPs under hpux as well, even with those gnarly 6-bit
displays, but I haven't tested it with this program.

I don't really have time to "maintain" this thing ... I'm just throwing it
out since it's kinda cute.  I'll fix bugs as time permits though, and I
would like to hear about changes or improvements (like getting it to use
the default color map and running on the root window, etc).  It is hereby
placed in the public domain ... give it away, sell it, whatever.  I'd
appreciate it if my name was left on it though.

Mark Costlow    or     ...uunet!edsr!cheeks