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 XSETROOT(1)                    X Version 11                     XSETROOT(1)
                                  Release 5

      faderoot - root window parameter setting utility for X

      faderoot [-help] [-display display] [-time seconds] [-bitmap filename]
      [-mod x y] [-gray] [-grey] [-solid]

      The faderoot program allows you to tailor the appearance of the
      background ("root") window on a workstation display running X.  Unlike
      xsetroot(1) , faderoot becomes a daemon that will continuously vary
      the color of the root window.  Normally, you experiment with faderoot
      until you find a personalized look that you like, then put the
      faderoot command that produces it into your X startup file.

      Exactly one of the background color/tiling changing options (-solid,
      -gray, -grey, -bitmap, and -mod) should be specified.

      The various options are as follows:

           Print a usage message and exit.

      -bitmap filename
           Use the bitmap specified in the file to set the window pattern.
           You can make your own bitmap files (little pictures) using the
           bitmap(1) program.  The entire background will be made up of
           repeated "tiles" of the bitmap.  Pixels that are black in
           bitmap(1) will remain black; pixels that are white will be the
           varying color.

      -mod x y
           This is used if you want a grid of black lines over the varying
           color on your screen.  x and y are integers ranging from 1 to 16.
           Try different combinations.  Zero and negative numbers are taken
           as 1.


           This reduces the intensity of the root window's colors by mixing
           black with the varying color in a checkerboard-like way.

           This sets the background of the root window to the varying color.

      -display display
           Specifies the server to connect to; see X(1).

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 XSETROOT(1)                    X Version 11                     XSETROOT(1)
                                  Release 5

      -time seconds
           Specifies how fast to change the colors.  The default is once
           every second, which is imperceptable.  Zero disables the daemon-
           ization of faderoot and varies the colors quickly enough to swamp
           a network.

      This program is really only useful on systems with PseudoColor

      Running xsetroot(1) to change the root window will kill any previous
      version of faderoot that may be executing.

      X(1), xsetroot(1), xkill(1)

      Copyright 1993, Samuel T. Denton, III

      Sam Denton, St. Louis, Missouri

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