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/*  @(#)README 1.4 93/06/01
 *  Copyright (C) 1989 - 1993 - Rich Burridge - Sun Microsystems.
 *  Permission is given to distribute these sources, as long as the
 *  copyright messages are not removed, and no monies are exchanged.
 *  No responsibility is taken for any errors or inaccuracies inherent
 *  either to the comments or the code of this program, but if
 *  reported to me then an attempt will be made to fix them.

cback  -  README  -  June 1993.


This is the version 1.3 of a random background generator that uses X11
graphics.  Currently there are two different styles of random backgrounds:

* Color circles. The size, thickness, color, position and number of the
  circles are all random.

* Color squares. The size and color of the squares are random.

See the manual page for more details.

Thanks to Hans de Graff, Mats Lidell and Nathan Edwards for various comments
and bug reports.

Suggestions for furthur improvement would be most welcome, plus bugs,
comments and flames.

Rich Burridge           richb@Eng.Sun.COM