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 CBACK(1L)                                                         CBACK(1L)
                                 1 June 1993

      cback - a random color background generator

      cback [ -c ] [ -d display ] [ -p period ] [ -s ] [ -v ] [ -w ]

      Cback is a random color background generator that uses X11 graphics.
      Currently there are three different styles of random backgrounds:

      Circles           The size, thickness, color, position and number of
                        the circles are all random.

      Squares           The size and color of the squares are random.

      Wallpaper         Various seed factors are random.  The random squares
                        was inspired by a Mondrian picture generator by
                        James Gosling. The random circles was based on a
                        program written for the Perq by Nigel Bond in 1983.
                        The wallpaper patterns are based on a Computer
                        Recreation column by A. K. Dewdney in Scientific

      -c   Generate random colored circles.

      -d display
           Used to give a display type.

      -p period
           Give a period in seconds for the next random redraw. The default
           is 300 seconds (5 minutes).

      -s   Generate random colored squares (the default).

      -v   Print the version number of this release of the cback program.

      -w   Generate random wallpaper patterns.

      Cback should be a little more clever about color. Too many "black"
      shades are currently being generated.

      Rich Burridge        richb@Eng.Sun.COM

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