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Package Name Description
GraphApp-2.47A cross platform C graphics library
XaoS-3.0A real-time interactive fractal zoomer for X Windows
cback-1.3A background generator for X Windows
faderoot-1.00Continuously vary the colour of the root window in X
ico-1.47A program to animate an icosahedron or other polyhedron
kaleid-1.4A Kaleidoscope Display for X Windows
kp-0.94Motif-based touch-typing keyboard practicer
maze-1.00Creates and solves random mazes
orbit7-1.0A basic simulation of a sun with orbiting bodies
plasma-1.0Implements plasma clouds in an X window
swisswatch-0.06The mother of all X Toolkit clocks
vector-0.05p1Vector is an example of Xwindow programming
vine-1.0This program draws vines all over your computer
vpuzzle-1.0Shuffles your display like a sliding puzzle
water-1.0This is a very cool SDL water effect
wirp-1.0A library of c routines for simple GUI programming
x11fish-1.0Displays an aquarium of fish in the background
xabacus-5.5.2This is an abacus as the name suggests
xacursor-1.0Set an animated cursor in a window
xaniroc-1.02Yet another animated root cursor
xantfarm-1.16Displays a simulated ant hill in the root window
xball-3.0Bounce coloured balls inside a Motif window
xballs-1.00A root window bouncing balls demo for X11
xbouncebits-1.0Demo to display moving bitmaps in the root window
xcruise-0.24A "cruise" within a file system
xcubes-5.4.4The Cubes X widget is basically a 15 puzzle
xearth-1.1Show a shaded image of the Earth in the root window
xengine-1.0Displays an animated reciprocating engine
xeyesg-1.1A mouse cursor mover
xfade-1.0Fade between two strings
xfclock-1.0The best looking analog clock of all the free GUI toolkits
xfe-1.0A Motif-based colour-only fractal exploration program
xfishtank-2.2Displays an aquarium of fish in the background
xflag-1.0Prog to display your favourite flag on your screen
xflame-1.0A little code toy from the RasterMan
xflip-1.01Two programs to mirror-image or melt your display
xfrac-1.00Yet another Mandelbrot/Julia set generator
xfractint-20.04p14A fractal generation program
xfractint-20.04p16A fractal generation program
xfroot-1.0Set fractal root window (monochrome)
xg-1.0This widget set is an extension of the Motif widgets
xgc-1.0X primitives demo program
xglobe-1.0XGlobe displays a spinning world globe
xhangglider-0.94.0A demo program showing a hang glider
xising-2.1Simulation of a simple statistical mechanical system
xlogo-1.0Program to display the X Window System logo
xmandel-2.00Mandelbrot and Julia set generator
xmars-1.0A background image of the Red Planet
xmartin-1.0Xmartin is another root window demo
xmolwt-0.3Molecular Weight and Elemental Analysis
xmountains-2.9An X11-based fractal landscape generator
xneko-2.00Cat and mouse chasing demo in X Windows
xodometer-1.1Track the total pointer and cursor travel distance in X11
xphoon-2.0Displays the current phase of the moon on the root window
xplanets-0.4A spaceship moving through the solar system
xpt-1.01Chemical periodic table for X11
xroach-4.0Animates cockroaches on the root window of the X display
xscdemo-2.2A 3-D spinning cube demonstration program for X Windows
xsecure-2.1A console locker that uses xfishtank
xsmile-1.0This is a simple alternative to xload
xsnow-1.40Animated background snow, santa, sleigh and reindeers
xsplinefun-1.0Displays colourful moving splines in the root window
xspringies-1.1X Windows mass and spring simulation system
xswarm-2.3An X windows animated wasp and bee swarm demo
xtartan-2.3Draw various tartans as window backgrounds
xteddy-2.0.1Display a teddy bear on the screen and drag it around
xtt-1.0This is a timetable program
xwave-2.0A real-time perspective mesh demo for X
xwrits-2.10Prevent repetitive strain injuries
zap-1.0Zap is an X11 program to visually mangle the screen