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X11/Core Category

Package Name Description
AppPlusS-1.2.27The AppPlusShell Widget for Motif
X11R6incs-4.6.0XFree86 X11R6 include files
XColorSel-1.1Display the contents of the system RGB file
XawPlus-2.0A clone of the original Xaw library
Xbar-1.0A tool that enables you to change the title
Xfwf-4.6The Free Widget Foundation Widget Release
ascpu-1.9A CPU statistics monitor tool
aterm-0.4.2A nice extension to rxvt
cairo-1.12.16Multi-platform 2D graphics library
cairo-1.14.10Multi-platform 2D graphics library
cairo-1.16.0Multi-platform 2D graphics library
color_xterm-1.bA terminal emulator for X with Motif support
gal-0.8The Art Gallery Neural Network
gauge-1.3A widget that is similar to the XmScale widget
graphlib-0.5aA neat library to make X programming easier
imake-6.00Used to convert machine-independent Imakefiles to Makefiles
ion-20010523A new kind of Window Manager based on PWM
kterm-6.2.0A terminal emulator for multi-lingual text
larswm-7.0.13A very efficient window manager
libXft-2.3.1X FreeType library
libXft-2.3.2X FreeType library
libXrender-0.9.10The X Rendering Extension library
libXrender-0.9.8The X Rendering Extension library
mdb-1.9A Motif based Database Manager
mitxterm-1.0A terminal emulator for the X Window System
mterm-3.0.0Motif style terminal emulator for X
pixman-0.32.4A pixel manipulation library used by cairo
pixman-0.34.0A pixel manipulation library used by cairo
reminder-1.02A Simple date reminder program
renderproto-0.11.1Includes and config for the X render extension
rglclock-1.3.5A rotating 3D clock program using OpenGL
showrgb-1.11A utility to show the X11 RGB database
tclock-1.0.p1Transparent clock to demo the SHAPE extension
xalf-0.10Provides feedback when starting X11 applications
xdpyinfo-1.17p1Display information utility for X
xkbfile-1.0X library keyboard extension utilities
xlsclients-1.6List X applications running on a display
xlswins-1.12Lists the titles of the windows in the current X session
xmag-6.3Magnifies a portion of a screen into a window
xmbdfed-4.5A Motif-based BDF font editor with many features
xplaces-0.3Takes a snapshot of your X configuration
xstdcmap-1.6X standard colourmap utility
xstep-3.5A fast but small Widget library
xterm-301A terminal emulator for the X Window System
xterm-330A terminal emulator for the X Window System
xterm-344A terminal emulator for the X Window System
xzoom-0.3Xzoom can magnify and rotate areas of your root window
zoom-1.3Magnifies a portion of a screen into a window