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Compface - 48x48x1 image compression and decompression
Copyright (c) James Ashton 1990.
Written 89/11/11

Feel free to distribute this source at will so long as the above
message and this message are included in full.

[I have put MIT in the License field of the LSM descriptions since this
seems to capture the original author's intent most closely, bearing in
mind that he wrote this before the various free software licenses were
categorised. - Ken]

The programme (two programmes really - but they're just links to each
other) converts 48x48x1 images to and from a compressed format.  The
uncompressed images are expected to contain 48x48/4 (576) hex digits.
All other characters and any `0's followed by `X' or `x' are ignored.
Usually the files are 48 lines of "0x%04X,0x%04X,0x%04X,".  The
compressed images contain some number of printable characters.  Non
printable characters, including ` ' are ignored.  The purpose of the
programme is to allow the inclusion of face images within mail headers
using the field name `X-face: '.

The programmes make use of a library which can be used to allow the
compression and decompression algorithms to be used in other
programmes such as mail despatchers and mail notification daemons.

A small amount of editing in the Makefile may be required to get it
going - mainly setting EXECUTABLE to what you want and putting the
manual entry in the right place.

						James Ashton.


I have merged the -X patch by Piete Brooks <>
into the sources and amended the man page. I have given this the
version number 1.1 so that it can be submitted to and

						Ken Yap


Added support for strerror().  Incremented version to 1.4