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Fed up with the awful bc and dc commands supplied with every UNIX
system ? Try version 1.01 of this new program - calc. At long last - you can
type expressions in a "natural" BASIC-style syntax and get your answers out
quickly without having to learn Reverse Polish Notation or some other clumsy
syntax !

This code is freely re-distributable and modifiable.

Richard K. Lloyd <>

To compile:

[Edit Makefile for your site, particularly the TREE setting]

To test:

./calc 1+2/3
[should output "1.66666666666667"]

To install:

gmake install


* This package has no "original" URL other than the HP-UX archive one because
  one of its porters is the author.

* There are no functionality changes between calc 1.00 and 1.01, just edits
  to remove gcc compiler warnings and also a Makefile is supplied instead of an Imakefile.