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Please read this file before you install the program.

tr2latex: Troff-to-TeX translator
$Id: README,v 2.2 1992/04/27 15:13:26 Christian_Engel Dist krischan $
Copyright (C) by 1987 Kamal Al-Yahya, 1991,1992 Christian Engel.

This directory contains a program developed at the Stanford Exploration
Project, Geophysics Department, by Kamal Al-Yahya.  It was modified and
enhanced substantially by Christian Engel at the Rheinisch-Westfaelische
Technische Hochschule at Aachen, Germany, Department of Computer Science 4.
Copying the sources and the program to any other machine is permitted
without prior permission provided that copyright messages are kept, no
profit is made by copying the files, and modifications are clearly

I would very much appreciate any comments or suggestions. My e-net
address is
If it doesn't work try


It seems as if Kamal isn't to the net anymore.

I have made several modifications on Kamal's version 0.93 from the net.
Thus I continued my revision numbering with 1.00. The actual revision is
version $Revision: 2.2 $, $Date: 1992/04/27 15:13:26 $.

If you modify this source, if you found some bugs, or if you have some
suggestions for improvements then e-mail me as well:



!!! No support of K&R anymore !!!
Everything turned to ANSI-C. If you only have a K&R compiler transform
the sources by a K&R to ANSI translator (e.g. ansi2knr from anonymous
ftp:, /source/X11R5/contrib/clients/xv-2.00/jpeg)
or use tr2latex V1.04. Read file ``History'' for further informations.

In short, type ``make'' and then run it on the document (try the testfile):
		tr2latex testfile > testfile.tex

In details:

- Use the adaequate Makefile: ``Makefile.unix'' under any *NIX system, 
  ``Makefile.vms'' under VMS with public domain make, ``Makefile.mms''
  under VMS with DEC MMS make package, ``Makefile.msc'' if you're running
  Microsoft-C under MS-DOS, and ``'' under Turbo-C. Copy it to
  Warning: I have developed and tested tr2latex just on SUNs.
  Thus I've tested only the UNIX distribution. Other machines have been
  supported by other people.
- In the Makefile, define some macros adaequately. Read the comments in the
  Makefile. Also, add the -O flag in CFLAGS if you want to (and the optimizer
  is not buggy). The -O flag causes long compilation time but experience has
  shown that it is unnecessary for this package; time saved in running time
  is extremely small in the computers I used.
- If the limit on your unsigned int is not 65535, change MAXLEN in
  setups.h accordingly.
- If you are installing on a MIPS M/2000, running RISCos, comment out the
  line ``#    error "The COMPACT model is needed"'' from setups.h. Otherwise
  an strange error
  occurs through compilationAs
  David Osborne <> noted a strange error
  occurs through compilation
- In tr2latex.c, change the document type if you want. The default is article.
  Also, change the style options to suit your taste. The default is
  [troffms,11pt] if no flag is used and [troffman] if the -m flag is used.
- Add necessary -D's to CFLAGS if you need them. The program recognizes the
  following compiler-time definitions:
	   -Dtops20, -DANSI, -DMSC, -DNO_SGTTY
- type ``make'' to produce the executable, called ``tr2latex''.
- Run the translator on ``testfile'' and the manual page as follows
		tr2latex testfile > testfile.tex
		tr2latex -m >
  The first command will come up with the following warning:
        > illegal TeX macro, ((, replacing it
        > illegal TeX macro, )), replacing it
        > I am not very good at tables
        > I can only do very simple ones. You may need to check what I've done
  Compare ``testfile.tex'' with ``testfile.tex-orig'' and
  ``'' with ``'':
        diff testfile.tex testfile.tex-orig
  If they are not identical (except for the date of conversion), you have not
  installed it properly.
- Modify troffms.sty and troffman.sty to suit your taste but keep the
  necessary macro definitions as they will be needed when running latex.
  Make sure the font names exist on your site. Change them if necessary.
- Install tr2latex, the style files, and the manual page by running
        make install
  This is only possible for the super user on UNIX machines.


You can run the program either by
		tr2latex < file  > file.tex
		tr2latex file  > file.tex
You are most likely to get messages on the standard error telling
you about things it encounters and cannot do.

Now you have the translated document. Look at it and see if you
can spot a major error. Run it through latex. If it runs and produces
the dvi file, then print it. If you get latex error messages modify
the translated document accordingly and repeat the latex run, and so on.
I usually get away with one or two iterations.