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 sgml2(1)                                                           sgml2(1)

      sgml2 [spec] < [SGML MARKUP] > [SGML DOC]

      The sgml to anything converter

      What "sgml2" does.

       It takes a specification (e.g. ./html) that is basically a DTD and
       produces an output file from your <TAGGED> document corresponding
       to the DTD.

       This gives an introduction to the concept of "Generalized Markup"
       (Goldfarb et al 1970); where the tags describe a documents structure
       rather than its physical  characteristics.   The physical
       characteristics can be rendered by the veiwing software acording to
       the programmers whim.

       This gives you a flexible systm for controlling the output of your
       SGML source, without having to write a full DTD.

      How does it work?

       Sgml2 needs a configuration-file which is used to determine what
       tag-names are known and how the affect the output.

       The configuration-file(s) should be moved to a location referenced
       by the envionment variable SGML2LIB.


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