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rand.c by Erik Greenwald (C) 1998-2000  this software is released under the GPL

This program will take a file, input stream, or list of 'words' and repeat
them in a random order to the given output file or stdout. Kinda the opposite 
of sort...

rand [-lwvh] [-f <input file>] [-o <output file>]

Pipe usage:
	/bin/ls | rand [-lw] [-o <output file>]
file usage:
	rand [-lw] -f COPYING [-o <output file>] 
	rand [-vh]

Installation: read INSTALL.

Bug reports:
	email, provide as much useful info as possable.

What to do with this? well, you can queue up programs in a random order... someone was complaining about mpg123 not having a 'shuffle' command (which it does), this could provide that. A teacher writing a test could use this to generate tests that have the same questions but in different order... etc etc etc. One interesting use was a sysadmin using this to scramble 'script kiddies' exploit sources. While not completely ethical, it's terribly amusing :)

Thanks to Dr Shade <> (Southwest Missouri State University) 
for redoing the randomizing algorithm to be lightening fast. O(n^2) to O(n).