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 ms2html(July 12, 1995)                               ms2html(July 12, 1995)

       ms2html       --- convert (pseudo) troff -ms text to HTML

      ms2html [filename]

      Converts an annotated text file into HTML The annotations are based on
      troff -ms macros, but may be generated in a variety of ways.

      For example, a Framemaker template ( can be applied to an
      existing document to insert the annotations for every paragraph type.

      A Table of Contents and links to references and numbered sections are
      automatically generated.

      Supported Dot Commands

      Each of the following commands should appear on a line by itself

       Standard troff -ms:
           .TL     Title
           .ST     Subtitle
           .AU     Author
           .AI     Author's Institution
           .AB     Abstract
           .NH1    Numbered Section
           .NH2    Numbered Subsection
           .NH3    Numbered Subsubsection
           .NH4    Numbered Subsubsubsection
           .SH1    Unnumbered Section
           .SH2    Unnumbered Subsection
           .SH3    Unnumbered Subsubsection
           .SH4    Unnumbered Subsubsubsection
           .LP     Left Paragraph
           .PP     Indented Paragraph
           .IP     Indented Paragraph
           .QP     Quotation
           .FS     Footnote
           .DS     Display Start

             .BC     Block - Centred
             .BH     Block - Hang Indented
             .BU1    Bullet Item (level 1)

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 ms2html(July 12, 1995)                               ms2html(July 12, 1995)

             .BU2    Bullet Item (level 2)
             .BU3    Bullet Item (level 3)
             .BU4    Bullet Item (level 4)
             .LL     Left Label (Bold .LP)
             .NS     Start Numbered Paragraph
             .NN     Next Numbered Paragraph
             .MD     Math Definition
             .ML     Math Lemma
             .MP     Math Proposition
             .MT     Math Theorem
             .PR     Proof
             .UR     Unnumbered Reference
             .RF[1]  Reference

       In addition, the following are understood:
             [RF:1]  A cross reference:
                  start bold text
                  start italic text
                  start typewriter text
                  return to Roman text (also )
             .      dot (at beginning of line)

      NB: note that .B and .I are not valid commands since they would
       start a new "paragraph" (this script splits text at command lines).
       Just convert ".B text" to "text".

      Author: Oscar Nierstrasz -- --

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