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$Revision: 8.3 $

Jgraph takes the description of a graph or graphs in the standard
input, and produces a postscript file on the standard output.  Jgraph
is ideal for plotting any mixture of scatter point graphs, line
graphs, and/or bar graphs, and embedding the output into LaTeX, or
any other text processing system which can read postscript.

The graph description language is simple enough to get nice looking
graphs with a minimum of effort, yet powerful enough to give the user
the flexibility to tailor the appearance of the graph to his or her
individual preferences.  This includes plotting multiple graphs and
laying them out separately on the page (or pages). 

The program is written in C, and shouldn't take anything too fancy
or machine-dependent.  It has been tested on DECstations, 
sun3's, and sparc's (and is being used on many other types
of machines, including those running VMS and DOS).

There is a makefile, a man page (in jgraph.1), source code, and 
example graphs.

Jgraph is available via anonymous ftp to, in the
file pub/jgraph.Z.  This file is a compressed shell bundle file.

Jgraph is also available from netlib, a mail archive server.
To acquire jgraph from netlib, send a mail message to with nothing but the text:

send jgraph.shar from misc

It will respond by mailing you messages which comprise
the file jgraph.shar.  To extract jgraph.shar from these 
messages, first save each one into a file.  Then for each
of these files, strip off all the lines up to but not including
the '#!/bin/sh' line.  Then run /bin/sh on each file.  When
you're done, you should be left with the file jgraph.shar, upon
which you then run /bin/sh -- this will produce all the jgraph
source files.

There is also a mailing list in which I inform users directly 
about bug fixes.  This is for those who don't read comp.sources.misc,
or those who would like to hear about minor bug fixes which I
haven't posted as a patch to comp.sources.misc.

Please send me comments and/or bug reports.

Author: Jim Plank
USmail:	Department of Computer Science
	Princeton University
	35 Olden St.
	Princeton, NJ 08544-2087