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 GENGEN(1)                      gengen 1.4.1                       GENGEN(1)
 User Commands                                                 User Commands

                                 August 2010

      gengen - manual page for gengen 1.4.1

      gengen [OPTIONS]...

      GNU gengen 1.4.1

      This program, given a skeleton source file with some parts to be
      replaced, generates a program that generates that source, and
      substitutes those parts as specified.

      -h, --help
           Print help and exit

      -V, --version
           Print version and exit

      -i, --input=file
           input file (default std input)

      -F, --file-name=name
           name used for generating file (default stdout)

      -f, --gen-name=STRING
           prefix for generated code  (default=`gengen')

           target language (cpp, c)  (default=`cpp')

           output directory (default current dir)

           output to separate files (header, source). require --file-name

           strings containing newlines are indented according to the current
           indentation level

           do not put gengen version in the generated file

           even with errors exit with 0 (this is only for testing purposes)

           force regeneration of output code

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 GENGEN(1)                      gengen 1.4.1                       GENGEN(1)
 User Commands                                                 User Commands

                                 August 2010

      Report bugs to Lorenzo Bettini <>

      Copyright c 2002-2009  Lorenzo Bettini <>
      This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; for details please see
      the file 'COPYING' supplied with the source code.
      This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under
      certain conditions; again, see 'COPYING' for details.  This program is
      released under the GNU General Public License.

      The full documentation for gengen is maintained as a Texinfo manual.
      If the info and gengen programs are properly installed at your site,
      the command

           info gengen

      should give you access to the complete manual.

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