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This system contains both a command-line indexer/search engine for
general purpose search and retrieval, and a C++ class library for
integrating high speed text search features into your applications.

COMPILATION INSTRUCTIONS (unless you downloaded precompiled binaries):
Type `make' to compile.  That's it!  (Make sure you have gcc and the
g++ library installed first.)

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Type `make install' to copy binaries into

See the file TUTORIAL for more details.  Three executables are
created: Iindex, Isearch, and Iutil.  You can run them without any
command-line options to see a list of commands.

We have many plans for enhancements over the next several weeks, but
your feedback will let me know what you would like to see in future
versions.  Also, if you make any additions or corrections, please tell
me so I can try to integrate them into the distribution.

Some documentation is available on-line at


This software was made possible by the National Science Foundation and
others.  I also need to acknowledge several people that contributed to
the initial development phase of Isearch:

	Jim Fullton (CNIDR)
	Erik Scott (Scott Technologies)
	Kevin Gamiel (CNIDR)
	Archie Warnock (A/WWW Enterprises)

Many other people have contributed in various ways, and I have tried
to acknowledge their assistance where appropriate.  Many thanks to all
of them.

Have fun!

Nassib Nassar,

This material is based on work sponsored by the National Science
Foundation under Cooperative Agreement No. NCR-9216963.  The Government
has certain rights in this material. 

Any opinions, findings and conclusions or recommendations expressed in
this publication are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect
the views of the National Science Foundation.