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 ASPLIT                   Amiga User's Manual                   ASPLIT


                 Asplit - split a file


                 Asplit  [-b   buffer]   [-n   number]   -s    size   filein


                 -b buffer

                 specify the size of  the  internal  buffer.  Default:  1024
                 bytes.   It's   advised   to   use  1024  multiple  values.
                 This field is optional.

                 -n number

                 specify the base number used to numerate the file. Default:

                 -s size

                 specify the maximum size (in bytes) of each sub-file.


                 the name of the file to split.

                 fileout|directory                                   Several

                 No filename given:                 The source  filename  is
 used  as root name of the files created. These                 files are in
 the current directory.

                 A filename is given:                 It  will  be  used  as
 root name. This name can be composed of a path.

                 A path is given:                 The files will be  created
 in  this directory. The path MUST end by ":"                 (for Amiga) or


                 The file "filein" is split into  several  files  of  "size"
 bytes.                   Each  filename is composed of the source file name
 if  no  "fileout"  name                  is  given,  and  a  number,  which
 indicates  the  order.                  The number of files is NOT LIMITED.
 The order of files is                 respected thanks to an evaluation  of
 the digits necessary to code the                 order number, i.e., is you
 have 100 files, they will be coded from 000                 to 099, instead
 of   0   to   99.   If   you   don't   know   why   it's   important,   you
                 should remember  that  the  string  "10"  is  alphabeticaly
 before  the                  string  "2"...So  imagine  the  result  of the
 concatenation   of   all   the                   files.

                 Although Asplit has been thoroughly tested, no guarantee is
 given  nor                  implied   that   this  program  is  fit for any
 use. The program and the                 information  within  this  text is
 provided  on  an  "as  is"  basis. In no                 event  will  I  be
 liable      for      any      direct,     indirect,     incidental,      or
                 consequential   damages  resulting   from  the  use of this
 program or the                 information presented within this text.


                 Asplit    is    Copyright        1994     Marc     MENDEZ.
                 Email:                  or
                 MENDEZ    Marc                    Residence     Le     Mail
                 Batiment B Appartement 414                 Rue Louis Jouvet
                 33600 PESSAC

                 Commercial   distribution  of  Asplit  or  of   a   package
 containing Asplit                 requires author approval.