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This is the README file for SWET (the Sustained Workload & Efficiency Test)
as released by <>


For the impatient:

=> 'SWET' is a Benchmark for system performance and efficiency.

The 'basic' test requires just the '-B' option.

=> 'SWET' has lots of tests, flexible selection and reporting, 
and can be used in solo- to multi-core platforms in single-
or multi-process and/or multi-thread mode.

(try the '-?' option for usage help)

=> 'SWET' is source-code portable to POSIX, BSD, Unix and Linux
operating systems.

The '-Z' option runs all tests with full detail report, 
plus experimental and/or undocumented stuff. 


Now the gory, itchy, whimsical details...

+ the default build uses no compiler optimizations, for it would render
most of the loop tests 'instantaneous' and without any sense.

however, some of the tests were designed specifically to measure the
efficiency of the compiler optimizations, and the user is encouraged
to experiment building 'swet' with different combinations of compiler
flags (optimization flags, of course), so that 'swet' can point out
the best results.

- but remember: building 'swet' with optimization turned on will make
most of its tests display unpredictably weird results.


Historical note:

'SWET' evolved from 'OPM' (the Open Performance Meter), and has changed
its name along the way to YAPE (Yet Another Performance Estimate), 'XEM'
(Cross-Platform Efficiency Meter), and a few others not worth mentioning
(like 'swetstone').


Etymological note:

The 'name' swet comes from the idea that the tested computer should
sweat with all the workload imposed by the test(s).

sus·tain   [suh-steyn]   verb (used with object)
1.  to support, hold, or bear up from below; bear the weight of, as a structure.
2.  to bear (a burden, charge, etc.).
3.  to undergo, experience, or suffer (injury, loss, etc.); endure without giving way or yielding.
4.  to keep (a person, the mind, the spirits, etc.) from giving way, as under trial or affliction.
5.  to keep up or keep going, as an action or process: to sustain a conversation.

Alexandre  Botao