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 KEY(1)                                                               KEY(1)
                               28 October 1993

      S/key -  A proceedure to use one time passwords for accessing computer

      S/key is a proceedure for using one time password to authenticate
      access to compter systems. It uses 64 bits of information transformed
      by the MD4 algorithm. The user supplies the 64 bits in the form of 6
      English words that are generated by a secure computer.  Example use of
      the S/key program key

        Usage example:
           >key  99 th91334
           Enter password: <your secret password is intered here>

      The programs that are part of the S/Key system are keyinit, key, and
      keyinfo. Keyinit is used to get your ID set up, key is used to get the
      one time password each time, keyinfo is used to extract information
      from the S/Key database.

      When you run "keyinit" you inform the system of your secret password.
      Running "key" then generates the one-time passwords, and also requires
      your secret password.  If however, you misspell your password while
      running "key", you will get a list of passwords that will not work,
      and no indication about the problem.

      Password sequence numbers count backward from 99.  If you don't know
      this, the syntax for "key" will be confusing.

      You can enter the passwords using small letters, even though the "key"
      program gives them in caps.

      Macintosh and a general purpose PC use are available.

      keyinit(1), key(1), keyinfo(1)

      Phil Karn, Neil M. Haller, John S. Walden, Scott Chasin

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