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di - disk information utility (version 4.44)

  Bugs and Known Issues
  Porting Information


  'di' is a disk information utility, displaying everything
  (and more) that your 'df' command does. It features the
  ability to display your disk usage in whatever format you
  prefer. It is designed to be highly portable. Great for
  heterogenous networks.


  To build:
    make -e dioptions.dat
    # Edit dioptions.dat and change it
    # to set your preferences.
    # Add your CC, CFLAGS and LDFLAGS settings.
    # This file will not be removed and can be reused
    # for the next release.
    make -e
    make -e install
  Example to change compiler and prefix:
    CC=gcc prefix=/opt/bin make -e

  If you don't have a bourne shell compatible shell,
  Try building with perl:
      make -e all-perl

  The CC, CFLAGS, CPPFLAGS, prefix, LDFLAGS, and LIBS environment
  variables may be set and exported prior to running make.  This
  will override any settings in 'dioptions.dat'.

  The LOCALEDIR environment variable defaults to ${prefix}/share/locale.
  The installation uses the INSTALL_DIR (default ${prefix}),
  ($INSTALL_DIR/share/locale) environment variables for installation.

  The internationalization files are automatically built and installed if
  your system supports internationalization.

  Windows installation:
    Alternative 1 - uses pre-built or config.mingw
      Cygwin gcc: make -e windows-gcc
        (uses cygwin API)
      MinGW: mingw32-make -e MAKE=mingw32-make CC=gcc windows-mingw
        (uses windows API)
      Msys2: make WINAPI=T NO_PIE=yes
    Alternative 2 - builds a new config.h file (Cygwin).
      make -e NO_PIE=yes CC=gcc
      make -e NO_PIE=yes CC=gcc WINAPI=T  # windows API
    Alternative 3 - builds a new config.h file (MSys)
      # make sure your PATH is set properly
      mingw32-make -e MAKE=mingw32-make \
        _MKCONFIG_SHELL=bash WINAPI=T NO_PIE=yes CC=gcc

    You may need to change _lib_GetDiskFreeSpaceEX to 0
    in the config.h file for older windows systems.

    Some versions of gcc on HP-UX break the include files.
    If you see:    header: rpc/rpc.h ... no
    try: env CC=gcc CFLAGS="-D_LABEL_T" make -e

    On some HP-UX systems, quotactl isn't declared.
    If you want quota support, make sure config.h has:
      #define _lib_quotactl 1
      #define _args_quotactl 4
      #define _c_arg_1__quotactl int
      #define _c_arg_2__quotactl char *
      #define _c_arg_3__quotactl int
      #define _c_arg_4__quotactl caddr_t
      #define _quotactl_pos_1 0
      #define _quotactl_pos_2 1

      env CFLAGS="-z +Z +DD64" LDFLAGS="+DD64" make -e
    64-bit gcc:
      env CC=gcc CFLAGS="-fPIC -mlp64 -D_LABEL_T" \
          LDFLAGS="-mlp64 -L/usr/lib/hpux64" make -e
      env CFLAGS="-z +Z +DD32" LDFLAGS="+DD32" make -e
    32-bit gcc:
      env CC=gcc CFLAGS="-fPIC -milp32 -D_LABEL_T" \
          LDFLAGS="-milp32 -L/usr/lib/hpux32" make -e
    Bundled cc:
      cd C;make hpux-cc

    export BIN_SH=svr4 beforehand.

    If quotas are not turned on in the kernel (/boot/loader.conf),
    the vquotactl interface will not be configured into di.  The
    default build available from DragonFly dports does not have
    the vquotactl interface turned on.

  Installation Permissions:
    Some old systems (Sys V variants) only allow root to read the
    mount table.  In SysV.4 and Solaris, the mount command would
    reset the permissions to be root readable only (fixed in Solaris 7).

    If this is needed on your system, do:
        make installperms

    The Tcl extension provides access to the di utility via
    the [diskspace] command.

    To build:

      cd C; make -e tcl-sh

      Windows Cygwin:
        cd C; make CC=gcc NO_PIE=yes tcl-sh
      Windows Msys:
        cd C; make WINAPI=T NO_PIE=yes CFLAGS=-m64 tcl-sh

    See C/di-example.tcl for a usage example.

    The Perl extension provides access to the di utility via
    the [Filesys::di::diskspace] command.

    To build:

      # perl-perl can be substituted for perl-sh to use the
      # perl configuration script instead of the shell
      # configuration scripts.
      cd C; make -e perl-sh; cd Perl; make PREFIX=your-prefix install

      Windows Cygwin:
        # I had to install libcrypt-devel for 'crypt.h'.
        # No idea why perl would require that.
        # perl-perl is faster than perl-sh.
        cd C; make CC=gcc NO_PIE=yes perl-perl
      Windows Msys:
        # untested; I don't have mingw perl.
        cd C; mingw32-make -e MAKE=mingw32-make \
          _MKCONFIG_SHELL=bash WINAPI=T NO_PIE=yes CC=gcc perl-sh

    See C/Perl/ex/ for a usage example.

    What's Not Tested:
      - pooled filesystems on Tru64.
        - I have access to a Tru64 system w/quotas, but there's
          only one filesystem per pool.
      - quotas:
        - MacOSX
          - No access to users with quotas.
      - MS VC++ has not been tested in a *very* long while.
      - A/UX, Cray, Irix, UNICOS, Next, Pyramid, SCO Unix, Sequent
        have not been tested in a *very* long while.
    Known Issues
      - quotas:
        - Solaris ufs requires the quotas file to be readable, or make
          the di program setuid.  Neither recommended.
        - Linux 2.4 - not working
        - HP-UX
          - quotactl() isn't declared. See HP-UX section above.
        - NetBSD 6
          - group quotas can't be fetched by ordinary users (EPERM).
            If the account is limited by a group quota, it won't be reported.
        - AIX 7
          - Unlike AIX 5, AIX 7 gives a permission
            denied error when a user tries to get their quota.
            Could make di suid, but that's not a good idea.
      - pooled filesystems:
        - hammer: the usage reported for pseudo-filesystems is the usage
          for the main pool.  Therefore the total used and size will be wrong.
        - btrfs: there's no way to identify the pools.
      - cygwin with clang does not work.

    Send bug reports along with the output from 'di -A -a -X 5',
    output from your standard df command (as verbose as possible),
    mkconfig.log, mkconfig_env.log, di.env, and config.h to:

    If the 'config.h' doesn't get set up correctly, please let me know.
    E-mail me the incorrect (and corrected if possible) config.h file,
    and any other information as appropriate.


    bourne/ksh/bash shell
    C compiler
    awk (mawk/nawk/gawk)
        cat chmod ln mkdir mv rm sed test
        a bourne compatible shell that supports shell functions,
          standard output from 'set'.
        cat egrep expr grep rm sed sort test
        cat perl rm
        mv rm sed test
        msgfmt sed (not a requirement for building or installing):
        ar cat cp dc diff env expr egrep mv rm sed sort test tr


    di 4.35 has been tested on the following platforms:
        AIX 7.1 (64-bit)
        CentOS 3.9, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 6.3
        Debian 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 6-kFreeBSD 8.1
        DragonflyBSD 2.10.1, 3.2.1, 3.6
        Fedora 7, 12, 14, 16
        FreeBSD 4.9, 5.1, 6.0, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 8.0, 8.1, 8.2, 9.0, 9.1
        Gentoo 20120710
        Haiku r1a3
        HP-UX 11.11
        Irix 6.5 (gcc, 64-bit)
        LinuxMint 11 (32-bit), LMDE 8 (64-bit)
        Mandrake 9.2
        Mandriva 2011
        MirOS 10
        NetBSD 1.6.2, 2.0.2, 3.0.1, 4.0.1, 5.0.1, 5.1, 6.0
        Nexenta 1.0.1_b85, 2.0_b104
        OpenBSD 4.4, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7, 4.8, 4.9, 5.0
        OpenSolaris 200805, 200906
        QNX 6.3
        RedHat 7.1, 7.3
        SCO OpenServer 6.0.0
        SCO Xenix
        Solaris 8, 9, 10, 11
        Tru64 5.1B
        UnixWare 7.1.4
        Windows - Cygwin

    di has been ported to the following systems in the past:

        A/UX, AIX, BeOS, BSD, BSDI, Convex, Cray UNICOS, Cray UNICOS/mk,
        DragonflyBSD, FreeBSD, Haiku, HP/UX, Linux, MacOSX, MirOS, NetBSD,
        Next, OpenBSD, OS/2, OSF/1, Pyramid, SCO OpenServer, SCO Unix,
        Sequent Dynix and PT/x, SGI Irix, Solaris, SunOS, Syllable,
        System V.3, System V.4, Tru64, ULTRIX, UnixWare, VMS, Windows, Xenix

    4.44                                    [2017-5-23]
        Fixed check of exabyte sized filesystems.  The signed check now
          only checks for -1 and -2; there could still be situations
          where the overflow exactly matches these values.
        Added faster method for windows check for missing removable

    4.43                                    [2016-8-9]
        Cleaned up some compiler warnings.
        Fixed memory allocation problem.
        Tcl interface fixes

    4.42                                    [2016-2-22]
        Fixed a parsing bug in the Tcl interface.
        Added a Perl interface.

    4.41                                    [2016-1-24]
        Fixed bug specifying more than one filesystem on the command line.
        Added sort by free space, total space.
        Updated manual page: missing, new sort options.

    4.40                                    [2016-1-22]
        Updated the Tcl interface to return the 'display' key as a list.

    4.39                                    [2016-1-22]
        Added a Tcl interface.
        Fixed CSV header to honor -n flag.
        Added -C, --csv-tabs to output CSV with tabs.
        Fixes for mingw (build, long double can't be printf'd).
        Update mkconfig to version 1.27

    4.38                                    [2016-1-6]
        Honor FreeBSD NO_PIE environment variable.
        Update mkconfig to version 1.26

    4.37                                    [2015-10-18]
        Fixed a problem when processing the DI_ARGS environment variable.
        Hardened compiler options: reference:
        Code cleanup to fix compiler warnings.

    4.36                                    [2015-5-18]
        Updated test for NFS remote filesystems.

    4.35                                    [2014-2-15]
        Updates for Irix.
        Fixed a bug when -I/-x were specified in addition to a filespec.
        Updated build system to mkconfig-1.24

    4.34                                    [2013-1-19]
        When a filename is specified on the command line, attempt to choose
          the best filesystem to display when there are multiple choices.
        Error check realpath() return value.
        Only canonicalize device names if it has a trailing uuid.
        Add -R (--dont-resolve-symlink) option to turn off canonicalization.
        Clean up code to fix clang warnings.
        Minor updates to support Xenix.

    4.33                                    [2012-11-15]
        Recoded quota handling as information was improperly
          losing precision.
        Added support for dragonflybsd's vquotactl().
        Added support for hammer-pfs (pooled filesystems).
        Exclude rootfs, devfs, procfs, kernfs, ptyfs and devtmpfs by default.
        Minor updates to main makefile.
        Minor directory rearrangement for os-specific config files.
        Fixed possible case of systems with a memcpy macro and
           no library function.
        Make sure D tests are not run.
        HP-UX bcc seems to support long long after all.  This is on 11.11.
          Maybe the older versions did not?  No access to 10.20.
        Updated build system to mkconfig-1.22.

    4.32                                    [2012-10-21]
        Exclude rootfs by default.
        Canonacalize the special device name.
        Updated quota code for NetBSD 6 (quota_open()
        Fixed AIX group quota check.
        Fixed AIX 7 support.  Unlike AIX 5, AIX 7 gives a permission
          denied error when a user tries to get their quota.
        Updated build system to mkconfig-1.21.

    4.31                                    [2011-11-20]
        Filesystems that would return a 'Permission Denied'
          are not displayed at all, even with -a.
        Fixed totals with pooled filesystems (when main pool not mounted).
        Fixed a very rare divide by 0 condition.
        Code cleanup.
        Updated build system to mkconfig-1.19.

    4.30                                    [2011-10-8]
        Added support for long options.
        GNU df compatible long options have been added and
          are processed appropriately.
        Removed program name settings from Makefile and di.c.
        Minor code cleanup.
        Added hp-ux bundled cc static target.
        Updated build system to mkconfig-1.18.

    4.29                                    [2011-9-30]
        Added the -c option to output in CSV format
           (request by H.Merijn Brand).
        Fixed bB format titles.
        Added checks to make sure required programs for
           build/install are present.
        Various fixes for HP-UX, ULTRIX, SCO OpenServer, UnixWare.
        Added pre-generated config.h files for ULTRIX.
        Updated build system to mkconfig-1.17.

    4.28                                    [2011-9-11]
        Fixed compiler warnings for 64-bit.
        Added support for DragonFlyBSD.
        Updated build system to mkconfig-1.15
          (Solaris 2.6 fixes; pdksh allowed)

    4.27                                    [2010-12-29]
        Rearranged directory structure.
        Added support for long double to hold zettas and yottas.
        Added support for the windows digital mars c compiler.
        Added a fix for windows removable drives.
        Rewrote snprintf macros as they didn't work on MacOSX.
        Fixed quotactl argument for systems w/o QCMD macro.
        Check for type of structure members and call the correct xdr
        Many minor fixes for compiler warnings.
        Fixed Makefiles to redirect 'cd' output (CDPATH).
        Updated build system to mkconfig 1.11.

    4.26                                    [2010-7-25]
        Fix FreeBSD 5 panic when trying to get quotas on devfs.
        Updated build system to mkconfig-1.10.

    4.25                                    [2010-7-4]
        Added support for quotas.
        Fix for Tru64 advfs pools.
        Fixed loopback filesystem (lofs/none) exclusion; enabled for
            all systems.
        Added an optional DI_LOCALE_DIR environment variable to
            point to the locale directory where di's messages
            are installed.
        Changed the sort to use strcoll() rather than strcmp().
        Updated build system to mkconfig-1.6.
        Removed, & and updated
            to use new build system tools.
        Added dioptions.dat to control options.
        More fixes for totals in a pooled/non-pooled mix when pooled
            filesystems are not displayed.

    4.24                                    [2010-5-14]
        Added spanish translation (David Sastre).
        Update some column widths to help support spanish.
        Check mbrlen() return code.
        Fix (broken during rewrite).
        Add missing defines in static configurations.
        Added for cygwin.

    4.23                                    [2010-5-10]
        Fix internationalized strings to line up properly.
        Changed default block size output to -dH (scaled format 2).
        Brought up to date for AIX, Tru64.
        Added support for MinGW on Windows.
        Added support for QNX.
        Solaris 8 x86 w/gcc3 currently fails.

    4.22                                    [2010-5-2]
        Updated to use mkconfig 1.3.  Fixes problem
          with linking in unneeded libraries.
        Replaced hasnls program with a shell script.

    4.21                                    [2010-4-11]
        Fixed features/
        Makefile cleanup (Mike Frysinger).

    4.20                                    [2010-3-7]
        Added VMS.
        Fixed totals for pooled filesystems, again
          (incorrect sort, skipped fs, pooled fs on command line).
        Remove initial build script and use new mkconfig.
        Rewrite makefile.
        Moved mkconfig to its own package.
        Move regression tests into tests.d directory.
        Minor updates to manual page.

    4.19                                    [2010-2-1]
        Fix totals to add up when using small block sizes.
        Fix totals for mixed pooled and non-pooled filesystems.
        Add fix for automounted directories:
        Builds on BSD 4.3.
        Changed format of config.h file.
        Code cleanup.

    4.18                                    [2009-11-29]
        Code cleanup.

        The default configuration method has been changed to
        use a shell script.  The perl configuration script is
        still available (./Build -mkpl).

    4.17                                    [2009-11-22]
        Totals have been changed to add up whatever filesystems
        are displayed.  This is more intuitive for the user.
        It is up to the user to exclude read-only filesystems
        (cdfs, iso9660), memory-based filesystems (memfs, mfs, tmpfs)
        and user filesystems (fuse*).  Excluding the 'fuse' type will
        exclude all fuse* filesystems.

        As before, only the main pool of a pooled filesystem is totaled.

        The build now works on unixware (getmntent is in libgen).
        The build now works on syllable.

        The default configuration method has been changed to
        use the perl script.  Removed iffe, as it doesn't support
        class testing.

    4.16                                    [2009-9-20]
        Fixed a nested macro issue on Mac OS X 10.6.
        Fixed bugs with filename arguments.

    4.15                                    [2009-9-17]
        Fixed filename argument w/non-printing filesystem.
        Build now works on Haiku.

    4.14                                    [2009-9-10]
        Code cleanup.
        Change size labels to match SI standards (1024 vs 1000).
        Build now works on Debian GNU-kFreeBSD.

    4.13                                    [2008-5-25]
        Fixed totals to correctly account for pooled filesystems.

    4.12                                    [19 Jan 2008]
        Change of e-mail addresses.

    4.11                                    [29 May 2007]
        Fixed minor bug for 'di -sn -t' introduced in 4.10.
        Code cleanup -- move global variables into local structures.
        Recoded sorting, added sort by filesystem type.

    4.10                                    [24 Feb 2007]
        Handle pooled filesystems so that the total space
        doesn't get added more than once.
        Compaq Tru64 advfs is untested.

    4.9                                     [2 Nov 2006]
        Fixed an uninitialized variable used for Solaris zones.
        Minor fixes to

    4.8                                     [5 Oct 2006]
        Linux's statvfs() is not POSIX compliant and does not
        use f_frsize.  The correct value is returned in f_bsize.
        Since there's no way to tell which type of statvfs() is
        in use, we have to hard-code the logic for linux.
        This sucks.

        More minor improvements to

        Add logic to find the correct msgfmt program to use.

    4.7                                     [23 Sep 2006]
        Changed the operation of the -a, -x and -I flags
        so that it is possible to specify -a and still exclude
        filesystems from the list.
        Added the -L flag to not check for duplicate filesystems.

    4.6                                     [3 Sep 2006]
        Improve configuration to be more robust,
        find needed libraries.  Improve portability.

    4.5                                     [29 Mar 2006]
        Fix uninitialized variable.
        Fix manual page formatting.

    4.4                                     [21 Nov 2005]
        Add zone support for Solaris (-z).
        Update for compatibility w/perl 5.005.

    4.3                                     [29 Oct 2005]
        Change -P option and POSIXLY_CORRECT environment
            variable to display POSIX standard output.
        Add 'a' and '3' format options to display %avail
            and %free space (request by Bill Poser).
        Add check and routine to use getvfsstat() for NetBSD 3.x.
        Add processing of DI_ARGS environment variable.

    4.2                                     [12 Oct 2005]
        Added -nonls argument to 'Build' to turn off all NLS.
        Add +DAportable for HP-UX 10.x.
        Add -qmaxmem=-1 for AIX.
        Fix compile warning in dilib.c for AIX.
        Improve tests for for HP-UX.
            Check /usr/local for also.
        Version number was inadverdently left as 4.1.

    4.1                                     [6 Aug 2005]
        Created a perl script as an alternative to iffe
            to create the config.h file.
        Internationalization configuration now works for Cygwin,
            FreeBSD, NetBSD and HP/UX.

    4.0                                     [26 Jul 2005]
        Metadist is no longer supported; Only the iffe configuration
            method is now available.
        Removed -h help flag, changed it to be scaled alternative 1
            display to match other 'df' programs.
        Alias -x to -i to match other 'df' programs. -x will be preferred.
            Old -x (debug) changed to -X.
        POSIX -dp flag was broken.  Removed.  Added -P option.
        Alias -F to -I for compatibility.
        Updates to manual page.
        Internationalization files are now automatically installed if the
            NLS routines are detected.

    3.11                                    [11 mar 2004]
        Fixed bug: checking mount options to see if partition
        was read-only (bsd style get/set/endmntent).

    3.10                                    [26 feb 2004]
        Added German .po file (Many thanks to Hartmut Haase).
        Added -64 to Build for 64 bit binaries.
        Added missing internationalization calls in di.c.

    3.9                                     [25 may 2003]
        Fixed bug with uninitialized 'dbsstr' variable.
        iffe: upgraded to 2002-03-06.
            Don't need to include stdio.h in most di.iffe tests.
            lib test fixed for cygwin.

    3.8                                     [12 jan 2003]
        Rewrote block size display processing.  It did not match the
        *BSD implementation of the BLOCKSIZE environment variable.
        Latest metaconfig (Configure)
        Add -k alias for -dk.

    3.7                                     [4 sep 2002]
        Check for initial '/' character in special device name
        before doing stat().   Otherwise we pick up normal files.
        Update iffe.
        Add exa, zetta, yotta support (-de, -dz, -dy).
        Add support for 1000 byte base block size (and others) (-b option).
        Add alternative scaled format (-dH, -H).

    3.6                                     [30 jul 2002]
        Change to use mntctl() in preference to set/get/endmntent()
            for AIX.
        AIX: fix to display hostname in special device name for
            remote mounts.
        README updated for cygwin Configure/configure problem.
        Workaround in di.h for cygwin/Configure getopt() problem.
        Converted all strcpy() to strncpy().

    3.5                                     [17 jul 2002]
        Change 'memfs' to 'mfs' for memory file system (FreeBSD).
            Not added to totals.
        Added License.
        Update to use snprintf if available.
        Update 'Configure' to match 'iffe' build as closely as possible.
        Fix C code to compile w/non-ansi compiler (HP-UX bundled).
        Many configuration fixes (hp-ux, aix,

    3.4                                     [20 apr 2002]
        Fix bugs in include/ignore list generation.
        Rewrite ignore/include lists to allow multiple command line
            specification of ignore/include lists.
        Change so -f overrides DIFMT environment variable.
        Fix bugs in -s command line option.  Make more friendly.
        Add -H (-dh) scaled display format.
        nfs mounts are always remote.

    3.3                                     [1 apr 2002]
        Bug fixes for AIX, HP/UX installation.

    3.2                                     [27 feb 2002]
        Add internationalization code.
        Update windows code.

    3.1                                     [15 nov 2001]
        Bug fixes for SunOS 4.

    3.0                                     [7 aug 2001]
        Added getfsstat() for Compaq Tru-64 (and FreeBSD, etc.) systems.
        Compaq Tru-64 code cleaned up.
        Thanks to Compaq for their test drive program!
        More cleanup.  Added iffe configuration.

    2.4                                     [12 feb 2001]
        Fixed so di doesn't statfs() the disks it doesn't need to.
        Removed fs basetype stuff.
        Split out disk routines into separate module.  Lots of cleanup.
        Totals: fix to take into account block size of partition.
        Totals: ignore read-only, partitions not normally printed.
        Totals: ignore memory filesystems (tmpfs, memfs).

    2.3                                     [24 feb 2000]
        Modified hints for solaris to do 64 bit compilation.
        Removed extra libc setting for linux.
        Added support for BeOS.  This required ansi function headers.

    2.2                                     [24 dec 1999]
        Hints for dec_osf added.
        Changed HAS_GETMNTINFOFSIZE to be preferred over
        HAS_GETMNTINFOBSIZE; modified bsdos hints appropriately.
        Look for <sys/fs_types.h> include file.

    2.1                                     [24 dec 1999]
        Added +DAportable for HP-UX.
        Hints for openbsd added.
        Made installperm as separate target in makefile.
        Modified duplicate checking slightly.
        Changed MNT_NOWAIT to MNT_WAIT.  This will work better
        on FreeBSD.  Hopefully will work w/nfs mounts.

    2.0                                     [15 apr 1999]
        Now uses dist 3.0PL70 for configuration.
        Duplicate filesystems (automounted) are not displayed.
        This probably does not work for Digital's advfs.

    1.24                                    [never released]
        Added Windows w/gcc.
        The Solaris 2.6 statvfs() bug has a patch out for it.
        Patch #105572-05 (?).

    1.23                                    [6 jul 1998]
        Improved Windows.

    1.22                                    [1 jul 1998]
        Added Windows.  Don't know the routines to get the number
        of file slots or the file system type (FAT12/16/32).
        Changed default to display megabytes.

    1.21                                    [8 sep 1997]
        Fixed AIX typo.
        Linux 2.x

        Added Solaris large file system support.  Note that
        ver 2.6 Beta_Update has a bug in the statvfs() routine,
        and the non-root available disk space is improperly

    1.19                                    [4 feb 1996]
        Added mount time, mount options.  Link di to the mi command.

    1.18                                    [21 aug 1995]
        Fixed some ignore/include list problems.  Fixed local mount
        flag for OSF/1.

    1.17                                    [10 aug 1995]
        Changed block values from unsigned long to doubles so that we
        can display using different block sizes (-d flag).
        Added -l flag for local filesystems only.

    1.16                                    [8 aug 1995]
        Added A/UX  [ (Brett G. Lemoine) ]
        Added convex [ "Schilperoort J.W." <> ]

    1.15                                    [1 aug 1995]
    	Fixed bsdi 1.x and bsdi 2.x.  Fragments weren't supported.
    	Fixed FreeBSD 1.x and 2.x; same problem.
        Changed sco_sl makefile entry.

    1.14                                    [22 jul 1995]
        Fixed problem with display widths in conjunction with
        ignore/include lists.

    1.13                                    [17 mar 1995]
        changed default length of filesystem type field to 7.
        new debug 'all' format.
        check for 0 fragment size; replace w/block size if we have it.

    1.12                                    [28 jan 1995]
        sco nfs 'nothing' fix.
        freebsd 2.x; better freebsd filesystem types.

    1.11                                    [3 dec 1994]

    1.10                                    [24 nov 1994]
        added freebsd.

    1.9                                     [30 aug 1994]
        makefile fixes.

    1.8                                     [28 may 1994]
        removed mount option junk.
        added AIX.

    1.7                                     [2 may 1994]
        cleaned up sgi in the makefile.
        changed linux to be w/o need_statfs_defs.
        solaris cdrom returning all sorts of negative values.
        T format option.
        mount options.
        SunOs filesystem type info.

    1.6                                     [never released]
        ultrix bug fixes.
        add dynix to makefile.

    1.5                                     [26 mar 1994]
        sun had f_bfree instead of f_bavail!
        xenix, linux, sco
        -w, -W, -B.
        fixed width for -f M, -f S.
        Allow other characters in format string.
        1.51 (local, pat@rwing)
            SunOS *does* support filesystem type info.  Its all in the
            mntent structure, but requires a small bit of work (see source).

    1.4                                     [4 mar 1994]
        -f B
        solaris cdrom reports -2 for free blocks.

    1.3                                     [3 mar 1994]
        Command line specification of filenames.
        sort output.
        osf/1, ultrix.
        -F, -f M, -F S.

    1.2                                     [2 mar 1994]
        # of inodes can be -1L
        return code for getDiskInfo shouldn't be checked.
        name of mount point must be maxpathlen.
        error conditions.

    1.1                                     [27 feb 1994]
        initial release


    And for their comments/source/manual pages and/or bug fixes, thanks! (J.J.Bailey) (Contr Karl Vogel) [pyramid]
        costales@NOSPAM-ICSI.Berkeley.EDU (Bryan Costales)
        Mark Neale <>
        Pat Myrto <pat@NOSPAM-rwing.uucp> [sunOS filesystem type stuff] (Henri Karrenbeld) [sgi]
        Peter Bray <> (George M. Sipe) [manual page]
        Jeffrey Mogul <>
            [ultrix, osf/1, manual page, new format options] (Th. Bullinger) [help usage]
        Seth Theriault <> [next, tru64] (Stephen J. Walick) [SCO]
        Gerald Rinske <> [sgi]
        Mike Grupenhoff <> [linux] [hpux]
        "William Gibbs" <bill@NOSPAM-wgc386.MV.COM> [xenix]
        Randy Thompson <> [sequent] (O'Shaughnessy Erik) [aix]
        Bill Davidsen <>
            [linux, SCO, etc., new format options] (fred smith) [coherent 4.2.05] (Andrey Blochintsev) [bsdi] (Brian Ginsbach) [netbsd, irix, unicos]

        et. al.


    Copyright 1994-2013 Brad Lanam, Walnut Creek, CA, USA