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depothelper 2.20 (C) Connect Internet Solutions Limited 2010-2018
Written by Richard K. Lloyd <>

This software is GPLv3-licensed - please see the LICENSE file.

One common problem that a lot of users of our HP-UX archive site have is
that many packages have multiple dependencies that can be tiresome to
download and install as separate depots. We did consider a bundle system
or a remote software depot, but decided against them because they would
require a large amount of extra filestore to accommodate them.

Instead, this depothelper script was created, which allows root to
non-interactively download and install a package automatically, including
any dependencies that are required. This release also allows root to
uninstalled a set of packages and, if possible, their dependencies as well.

Here's the current syntax message output by "depothelper -?":

Syntax: depothelper [options] package[-version] [package[-version]...]

Options are as follows:
-a <architecture> specifies the machine architecture (ia64|hppa)
-b <bitness> specifies the bitness of depot downloads (32|64, default 32)
-c <cache directory> specifies the cache directory for downloaded files
-e <expiry_days> set number of days before cache package expiry (default 93)
-f forces depot downloads/installs, even if already downloaded/installed
-h (or -?) displays this syntax message
-l [package[-version]...] lists packages with their dependencies. If no
   parameter is supplied, all installed packages are displayed
-n will download the depots but not install them. If -u is also supplied,
   then a list of depots (including any dependencies) to be uninstalled
   will be displayed rather than actually being uninstalled
-o <version> specifies the depot OS version to download (11.11|11.23|11.31)
-p <host:port> specifies that an FTP proxy server will be used
-r will remove downloaded depots that successfully installed
-u uninstalls the specified packages and if possible, uninstalls
   their dependencies as well

You need to be root on an HP-UX 11.11, 11.23 or 11.31 machine when running
depothelper. If that machine doesn't have a direct connection to the
internet, you can use an FTP proxy host and port (-p option) - note that
this has to be a true FTP proxy (e.g. ftpproxy which is on the HP-UX
archive) rather than Squid handling ftp:// requests.

Important deprecation note:

All platforms other than 32-bit PA-RISC HP-UX 11.31 and 64-bit Itanium 2
HP-UX 11.31 are now deprecated. On 31st August 2018, the archive will
remove all binary depots on deprecated platforms and there will also
be a new depothelper release to coincide with this.