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v.0.3 (LGPL license)

Note: You can find the documentation in cartesian.txt.

The tarbal should contain source code of the libraries (two files: cartesian.cpp and header cartesian.h),
an example program (example.cpp) and documentation in cartesian.txt, the license and this file. 


- Some methods in virtual inheritance are implemented by "their dominance" (MS terminology). As far as I know
  it works fine for all recent c++ compillers, some produces warnings.

- The "linestyles" for grid plottings are disabled in recent version as styles are completely broken on Win9x.
  Yuo  can try luck (uncoment #define LINESTYLES) on different platforms, but it is not tested and I do
  not know how works. Anyway, you can still use different colors for grid line types.

I am not able to mantain makefiles but I will add them if you will provide some and mention about them in this file. 

- Makefile.gnu: you have to change the symbols "FL" and "LIBS" to your needs and actual paths inside this file.
- test.dsp: a VC6 project file (you can get rid of inheritance warnings by #pragma warning(disable:4250))


Bug-fixes, comments, language correction in documentattion e.t.c or even information about compile and wok success or
their lack are highly appreciated. (

Enjoy, Roman.