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 T1UNMAC(1)                                                       T1UNMAC(1)
                                 5 Mar 1998

      t1unmac - translate a Mac PostScript font into PFA or PFB format

      t1unmac [ -a ] [ -b ] [ -r ] input [ output ]

      t1unmac extracts POST resources from a Macintosh PostScript font file
      and creates a PFA (hexadecimal) or PFB (binary) font file. The file
      input should be seekable and be in MacBinary (I or II) format or be a
      raw resource fork. If the file output is not specified output goes to
      the standard output.

      --pfa, -a
           Output in PFA (ASCII) format.

      --pfb, -b
           Output in PFB (binary) format. This is the default. The block
           lengths are the same as the POST resource block lengths.

      --raw, -r
           Indicates that the input is a raw resource fork.

           Indicates that the input is in MacBinary I or II format. This is
           the default.

      t1ascii(1), t1binary(1), t1asm(1), t1disasm(1)

      Lee Hetherington (
      Eddie Kohler (

      Ported to Microsoft C/C++ Compiler and MS-DOS operating system by
      Kai-Uwe Herbing (

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