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This category contains command-line shell programs that provide a textual command interface to an HP-UX system.

Package Name Description
0verkill-0.15pre2Bloddy 2D ascii action deathmatch
BoD-1.0.0Bank of Daddy is built on top of fltk
ClibPDF-2.02A library for creating PDF files
ESP-2.0The ESP Widget Set for FLTK
Par-1.5.0Command line tool to reformat paragraphs
Zzzz-1.0A frontend for the zlib compression library
aftp-0.31Easy to use FTP client supporting the usual ftp commands
awkpretty-1.00A prettyprinter for the awk language
barplot-1.0.1A simple bar plotting program for Unix
bash-4.3.033The GNU Project's Bourne Again SHell
bash-4.4.012The GNU Project's Bourne Again SHell
bash-4.4.18The GNU Project's Bourne Again SHell
breplib-1.0Boundary Representation Libraries for Rendering
cal-3.5Enhanced version of the Unix cal command
cartesian-0.3Another FLTK contributed widget library
cle-0.4Cle is described as a Command Line Editor
clips-6.0A development and delivery expert system tool
colm-1.2A decent columnation tool for Unix
copa-1.0An X11 based shell GUI Builder
ctags-5.8A multi-language reimplementation of ctags
ctree-0.14A C lexer and parser with a symbol table
datetime-1.4A date and time library for FLTK programmers
dialog-1.1.20100428A program for shell programming that implements dialogs
dialog-1.3.20170509A program for shell programming that implements dialogs
dw-1.0Unix filter to find duplicate words
editline-2.9A line-editing library (especially For rc shell)
eg-1.00An expert guide Norton Guide reader
envv-1.6Prog to manipulate environment variables
es-0.9.b1An extensible shell
fastjar-0.94Sun's jar utility written entirely in C
fl_cheque-2.2.3Neat finance manager written on top of fltk
fl_editor-0.4A beefier text editor for the FLTK tool kit
flin-0.5.1Learners ncurses interface to Unix systems
freeze-2.5A freeze and melt compression program
fstat-1.0File status information program (esp
gexpr-2.0.2A shell calculator similar to expr
iselect-1.4.0A command line interactive line selection tool
jul-1.0A useful collection of basic C++ Classes
kiss-0.21The Keep It Simple Shell
lft-1.3.5List file types and summarize usage
libical-0.22An protocols calendaring and scheduling library
libtar-1.2.20Library for manipulating tar files from within C programs
libtecla-1.3.2Best interactive command line editor yet
lsh-1.2.2A GPL replacement for ssh
mawk- scanning and text processing language
mawk- scanning and text processing language
nana-2.5Another software instrumentation library
nixieclock-1.0Simple little windows desktop clock
osh-1.7This is the Restricted Operator Shell
pdksh-5.2.14A PD AT&T ksh look-alike shell
pdmenu-1.2.59A full screen menuing system for Unix
pente-2.2.1An American version of ni-nuki
plm-1.1A basic parser for the PL/M language
plm2c-1.00PL/M to C converter
rbison-0.0.7Scripts to generate a Ruby parser class
rc-1.7.1A command interpreter and programming language
rc-1.7.4A command interpreter and programming language
rot-1.0Shell pipe utility to rotate files
ruby-1.8.4Interpreted scripting language
scandoc-0.13An automatic Documentation utility
sfm-1.6S program is a simple file manager
shc-2.4aA generic shell script compiler
shtool-2.0.8The GNU Portable Shell Tool
sls-1.0A super enhanced version of the ls program
smrsh-1.0Restricted shell utility for sendmail
swig-2.0.11Integrates scripting languages with C
swig-3.0.12Integrates scripting languages with C
tail-2.1A program to monitors one or more log files
tcsh-6.18.01C shell with filename completion and command line editing
tcsh-6.20.00C shell with filename completion and command line editing
ticker-1.0Scroll ticker tape messages across the screen
up-0.9A user mode pipeline library for Unix
vrl-1.3A terminal readline programmers library
ytree-1.72An XTREE type curses file manager
zsh-5.0.5Shell combining the best of ksh and csh into one
zsh-5.3.1Shell combining the best of ksh and csh into one