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Welcome to Chordii!

Chordii is a fork of Chord, a program very popular several years
ago and most famous for its trendsetting 'ChordPro' music file format.

After multiple failed attempts to contact the original authors, it was
determined that Chord was unmaintained. Luckily, Chord was licensed
under the GPL, so it was forked into Chordii and active development could

Chordii's purpose is to provide guitar players with a tool to produce
good looking, self-descriptive music sheets from text files.

Chordii reads a text file containing the lyrics of a song, the chords
to be played, their description and some other optional data to
produce a PostScript document that includes:

	Centered titles
	Chord names above the words
	Graphical representation of the chords at the end of the songs
	Multiple columns on a page
	Index of a songbook
	Multiple logical pages per physical pages (1, 2 or 4)
	Configurable fonts for the lyrics and the chord names
	Coloured chords
	Multiple songs inside one file
	The complete ISO 8859-1 character set
	Chorus marking

And, as they say, more... and even more to come!

Chordii homepage:
Project homepage:

Extensive documentation can be found in the Chordii User Guide,
available on the Chordii Download Page.

A Java beta version of the old Chord program from its original authors
can be found on .

Initially, Chordii was named Chordie, but this has been changed on
request to avoid confusion with the Chordie.Com web site.

===== Copyright =====

Chordii version 4.1 and later is Copyright 2008 The Chordii Project

Chordie version 4.0 and later is Copyright 2007 The Chordie Project

Chordii is licensed following the conditions of the GNU Public License,
version 3 or later.

CHORD is licensed following the conditions of the GNU Public License,
version 2 or later. See COPYING for the full license text.