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This is Worldmap version 1.0, a program for displaying graphics
overlayed on a world map.  I have used the program to display
satellite groundtrack annimations, satellite beam projections, fiber
network simulations, and weather maps.

Worldmap uses a Motif map widget as its main display.  The widget can
be easily reused in other programs.  I prefer to use free software so
Worldmap works (more or less) with recent versions of Lesstif, a free
Motif 1.2 clone.  You can get it at via anonymous ftp at  The program also optionally uses the Guile scheme
interpreter distributed by the Free Software Foundation.  You can get
the most recent Guile distribution at

See the file INSTALL for compilation and installation instructions for

Here are some special configure options for this package:

--with-guile=[yes|no]        Add support for guile interpreted drawing
--with-motif-includes=<dir>  Motif header files directory
--with-motif-libraries=<dir> Motif libraries diectory
--x-includes=<dir>           X11 header files directory
--x-libaries<dir>            X11 libraries directory

On my machine I type:

% ./configure --prefix=/home/aps/test --with-guile --with-motif-includes=/opt/lesstif/include --with-motif-libraries=/opt/lesstif/lib --with-x-includes=/opt/X11R6/include --with-x-libraries=/opt/X11R6/lib
% make
% make install