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This directory contains packages relating to the branch of the Physics area. Some packages require the installation of others in this archive (e.g: the translator f2c).

Package Name Description
BLAST-1.2The Basic Local Alignment Search Tool
ImgStar-0.1Image Processing Toolset and C Library
Ngraph-6.3.14A sophisticated graphing application
ORT-2.3The Object Recognition Toolkit for pixel grouping
Saoimage-1.08An interactive display program for astronomical images
SciPlot-1.36A full-featured Xt widget to display 2D data in a graph
ammp-2.0Another Molecular Mechanics Program
atomix-0.4.3A mind game for chemistry buffs
bamg-0.1An Bidimensional Anisotrope Mesh Generator
cdd-0.61An implementation of the Double Description method
cddlib-0.91dLibrary for the Motzkin Double Description Method
denmax-1.1A Group Finder for tipsy N-body simulations
drawmap-1.7GIS prog to draw maps from USGS data
embedding-26.May.93Program for chaotic time series analysis
emc2-2.16An interactive 2D geometry and mesh program
epic-1.0An Efficient Pyramid Image Coder
evolver-2.14The Surface Evolver graphics interpreter
fasta-3.2Collection of DNA sequence searching programs
feyndiagram-2.2A C++ Library for drawing PostScript Feynman diagrams
fftw-3.3.10The Fastest Fourier Transform in the West
fftw-3.3.3The Fastest Fourier Transform in the West
fftw-3.3.6.pl2The Fastest Fourier Transform in the West
fftw-3.3.8The Fastest Fourier Transform in the West
fiasco-1.3An image and video compression system
garlic-1.5Free molecular visualisation program for Unix
gax-1.0The Galaxy Amateur Astronomical Database program
grass-1.3Fast Grassberger-Proccacia correlation integral algorithm
h5utils-1.7.1Utilities for visualization and conversion of HDF5 data
hh2000-0.6An astronomical simulation and visualization program
lab_3d-1.0Program to test and compare graphics algorithms
libtcd-2.2.4This file format and schema are used by XTide
lightspeed-1.2A simulation of objects approaching the speed of light
lp-1.2A Unix command line toolbox for beam propagation
lrslib-0.41An algorithm for describing polyhedrons
mmcalc-0.4A robust scientific calculator
nightfall-1.70An astronomy application for fun, education and science
nightfall-1.88An astronomy application for fun, education and science
nvc-1.1Noise vs Chaos test program
pdnmesh-0.1.2A 2D finite element mesh generation program
proj-4.7.0This is cartographic projection software
proj-4.9.3Cartographic projection software
protein-1.0Small utilities, used to modify GARLIC PDB files
rmap-1.5.0Generates earth images from a large data set
sattrack-3.1.1A realtime satellite tracking and orbit simulation
seesat-1.0A tracking program for earth satellites
spacechart-0.9.1A 3D star mapping program under GNOME
ssystem-1.6OpenGL Solar System simulator
starplot-0.91.2Viewer for 3d perspective maps of stars
sunclock-3.31A sophisticated clock for X Windows
tipsy-2.2pre3Displays and analyses the results of N-body simulations
vip-3.1Visual Information Processing software library
vp7wkp-0.4Lab simulation of experiments with radioactive nuclei
wirewrap-1.0Wirewrap is a circuit board construction aid
worldmap-1.0Displays graphics overlaid upon a world map
xbs-1.0A ball and stick plotter for chemistry students
xdrawchem-0.84A two-dimensional molecule drawing program
xgrav-1.01Demo of gravitational interaction between stars
xpp-1.02Tool for solving differential equations
xppaut-4.3A tool for solving differential equations etc
xsurface-1.0Program that uses Bezier patches to creat objects
xtc-1.3A tool for modeling spatial evolution equations
xtide-2.10Harmonic tide clock and tide predictor
xtoys-1.8A package of scientific demos for X11
yorick-1.4An interpreter with an interactive graphics interface