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This is my own version of a fancy Life program.  It was written in C over
a period of many years.  It runs using both curses and X11.  Other output
devices should be easy to add.

This program is not meant to be incredibly fast (use xlife or golly for that:-).
But it IS meant to allow the easy editing and viewing of Life objects.
It can handle very large Life objects, and handles multiple objects and views
at the same time.  Some of its features are very powerful.

The Makefile will probably need changing to load the X11 libraries correctly
for your machine.

Besides this package, you can also get the related dblifelib package
which contains my library of interesting Life objects.  By default the
Life program expects the library to be installed in /usr/local/games/lib.
There are also many collections of Life objects at other sites.

For testing and demonstration, the samples directory included with this
distribution contains a few Life objects of interest.

The latest version of the program can be found in my web page at:

I hope you enjoy playing with this program.  Suggestions for improvements
are welcome.

David I. Bell
27 November 2015