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README file for Whirlgif vers 3.0x

To create your own version of the minimizing version of whirlgif,
proceed as follows:
  1) Inspect the Makefile and perhaps make apropriate changes.
  2) Run make.  If you encounter problems, please
  3) Read the (pure ascii) file or the formated version
     with the command:   nroff -man whirlgif.1 | more
  4) Take a look at the page

     where user comments and bug reports are collected - and perhaps also

  5) Create your own animated GIFs or optimize the size of the ones
     you have created already.

This version of whirlgif contains an angorithm for en-coding GIF
files.  There may exist places in this world, where persons or
organizations claim to have a patent covering *all* possible
implementations of the LZW-algorithm.  Such persons or organizations
are requested to complain by E-mail to, so that their
claim can be publicized in connection with

quickly after it has been received.

Hans Dinsen-Hansen, the owner of above page, claims the right
to comment on any such protests and to publish them in a form
which references his comments.

This software is provided solely "as is".  The authors disclaim all
responsibility and liability with respect to this software's usage,
its effect upon hardware, or its effect upon computer systems.  Apart
from this, the code is free for all.

There are copyright notices in the program texts.

Version 3.02 is also available from