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v0.21 25 Oct 94

About troff2html

   This is the v0.21 release of troff2html, a perl program to convert
   troff markup to HTML (hypertext markup language) for the World Wide
   Web. Despite its name and my good intentions, v0.2 of troff2html only
   supports the me macros. It has not been tested with groff.
   I'm working on support for ms and man macros. Since I don't use troff
   much anymore (I've switched to LaTeX), I'm working very slowly on
   this. Any feedback on the current state of the program will motivate
   me to get the rest of this out the door and off my back. Comments,
   bugs, patches, and wish-lists please to
   The troff2html information page is
   troff2html is availble via ftp and WWW.
     * understands -me macros
     * understands strings and sourced files
     * output from preprocessors (eqn, tbl, etc.) can be run through
       nroff or inlined as GIF files.
     * translates all iso-8859-1 entities
     * Table of Contents configurable
     * Navigation bar configurable
     * splitting by section level configurable
     * (relatively) easy to add your own macros
     * understands -ms, -man macros
     * recognizes cross-references in man pages
     * html-only/troff-only text for slightly different hypertext/paper
     * consolidated, documented ways to add new preprocessor and fonts to
       be recognized.