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What is PresTiMeL ?
PresTiMeL is a tool, to create presentations from a simple textfile. For
each slide, PresTiMeL will create one (or a set of) HTML-file(s), which
can be shown in a Web browser of your choice. Cascading Stylesheets (CSS)
are used, to define how big a text-item has to be, which font and color it
should have, etc. So you will need a Web browser, which supports CSS, like
Netscape 4.* or Internet Explorer 4.*.

Example presentation :
After compiling and installing the program (see the INSTALL-file), change to
the directory "example" and type "prestimel example".
The presentation will be written to HTML-files and you can start browsing
with "01.html" (the first slide) or "index.html" (the table of contents).

Start PresTiMeL with the commandline-option "-h" for a list of all
commandline-options. For example : try "prestimel -tplasma example"
to make the example-presentation use the plasma-theme.

Advantages of prestimel :
* You can write your presentation in an editor of your choice. You don't have
  to take care of graphics- and layout-stuff. So you can concentrate yourself
  on the contents of your presentation.

* For the layout and look-alike, you just select a theme. So if you don't like
  one theme, just try another one.

* The presentation itself is independend from platform and Web browser.
  All you need is a browser which supports Cascading Stylesheets.

Disadvantages of prestimel :
* It is not possible to create such fancy transition-animations like you may
  know from Powerpoint. Well, I think this kind of stuff just diverts from the
  presentation, so I don't think, this is really a disadvantage :-)
  Of course it is possible, to play around with JavaScript and Dynamic-HTML.
  But this stuff depends on the Web browser, so I decided to use only standard
  CSS-features which will be understand by both browsers.

* It is not possible to change the slide just by pressing space. You have to
  click on a "previous"- or "next"-button, which will be shown on each slide.
  The HTML 4.0 standard supports this kind of shortcut. But until now, no Web
  browser has implemented this feature yet :-(

* There is no possibillity to draw some lines on the slide to mark some
  important parts or to do something like that.

* The presentation will only work for one screen-resolution (800x600 or
  1024x768), because it is not possible to scale the output of the