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%% Edit by Nelson H. F. Beebe <>

%% Author:
%%	Nelson H. F. Beebe
%%	Center for Scientific Computing
%%	University of Utah
%%	Department of Mathematics, 105 JWB
%%	155 S 1400 E RM 233
%%	Salt Lake City, UT 84112-0090
%%	USA
%%	Email:,, (Internet)
%%	Tel: +1 801 581-5254
%%	FAX: +1 801 581-4148

html-pretty (or htmlpty on file systems with unpleasant filename
length restrictions) is a prettyprinter for HTML and SGML.  It can
also assist in the conversion of ordinary text files in ASCII or
ISO8859-1 character sets to HTML.

There is extensive documentation on the program in the UNIX manual
pages, which are provided in the distribution in nroff/troff form, in
ASCII form, in TeX DVI form, in PostScript form, in PDF form, and in
HTML form.  The SEE ALSO section of the manual pages contains pointers
to sources of HTML and SGML software and bibliographic data.  

Details on building, testing, and installing the program are in the
INSTALL file, but on many UNIX systems, all that it takes is a
one-line command:

     ./configure && make all check install

Comments, questions, and bug reports should be addressed to the author
at the address above.

The master distribution with the current, and a few past, versions of
html-pretty can be always be found at*

in a variety of distribution formats; x.yy is the major and minor
version number.